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   Chapter 31 Thirty one

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He looks as beautiful as always though his eyes are red and he's stumbling as if he couldn't stand straight. I get a whip of strong odour. My eyes narrows in confusion before I realise what it's.

He is drunk!

I swallow hard, averting my eye from his beautiful face, "You are drunk." I state.

He scowls at me, commenting famous drunk line, "No I'm not, " wavering a little, when he makes a move forward, "Okay, maybe a little." Slurring, he shows a space between two fingers as if defining how much.

What does he want now?

I fold my arm around me protectively. I need it around him considering I feel utterly defenseless against him, "You can't be here." I speak in my most stern voice I could muster up but I know it still comes as breathless as I am feeling.

His lips form a spiteful smirk, "Why not? Is that fucker still here?" He ices, his eyes cutting through me.

What the hell is he talking about?

I open my mouth to voice my thought but he's already staggered himself inside like he owns it, looking about.

Closing the door shut, I spin around reaching him in two steps, "What do you think your doing?!" I raise my voice a little hoping a response from him.

He can't come here whenever he feels like it.

He opens door of my room and peeks inside, stumbling, searching around for god know what.

When he still

any of my business and continue to drag him toward bed.

But hearing him say she isn't his girlfriend somewhat unwind me and I can't tell if it's good sign or bad.

Pausing before my bed I make him sit on it but he doesn't release his hold my waist, "Let go King."

He snaps his eyes to me with a indecipherable look in it, "Don't call me that. Call me Romero." He almost whispers.

My eyes widen at his words.

Is he for real?

"B..but you've forbidden it." I sputter, still in shock.

"I like it when you call me Romero." This time he whispers like a small boy telling his secrets.

I want to ask then why did he yell at me other day. I want to shout at him. I want to cuss and beat him like hell. I want to be angry at him. I really do but I can't, not by the way he is gazing at me. It's impossible to do so when he staring me like I'm the most precious thing in his life.

Am I?


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