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   Chapter 30 Thirty

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I hear some more commotion from other line, followed by another loud bang. I almost jump.

"What was that?" I grill, getting anxious.

"Nothing, "she answers quickly, too quickly for my liking, "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." She says with a frustrated huff.

I open my mouth to ask what is going on, but stop when I realize she has already hung up.

What the hell!

Is everything okay there?

I hope it is.

I don't want any problem for her because of me.

I smack my forehead getting irritated.

" -okay?"

I look over Alex, feeling his eye on me.

"Huh?" I ask dumbly. Realising I zoned him out, when he asked me something.

"I asked, is everything okay?" He repeats, patiently.

I like how patient he is.

"I uh, I don't know." I say uncertainly.

He frowns but doesn't comment on it, "Are you hungry? Cause I'm starving." He asks.

And at the cue, my tummy grumbles, I smile awkwardly, twisting hem of my dress, "It looks like I'm hungry too."

He chuckles at my awkwardness before calling someone. Same young girl, I recall her name Ella, comes with a menu.

"My usual, " he tells her before turning to me, "and you Angel?"

I don't need to look at menu, I know what I want, "Hamburger and steaks." I reply, smiling.

Food makes me happy.

Very happy.

She nods with a forced smile and retreats, turning away.

"You know you can always tell me anything. I'm here and I promise I won't judge you." He speaks after a moment of silence.

Oh you totally would.

You would think of me as a naive, pathetic girl. Who can't even stand for herself. Who can't control her hormones and who is a crybaby.

Because I'd judge myself too.

And I'd think same.

I smile drily, "There is nothing to tell, not really. I told you that party is not my thing. I


I look back to see him smiling, I return it, "I wouldn't dare. Goodnight Alex."

With that I ease my way to my room as I hear his car sprinting off behind me.

Opening my door I slide inside before briskly taking off my dress and after a long cleaning shower to get rid of that mans filthy touch. I change into my comfy pyjamas.

Once inside my bed, under the safety of my blanket, I feel loosen up and content. This is what I needed for whole night.

My body and brain is so tired that I don't even think about any nightmare that happened today and start to doze off. It doesn't take few seconds before I'm out like dead.


I wake up from a loud pounding on my door.

What's that?


It comes once again.

Pushing blanket away I get up, rubbing my eyes.

I glance at watch it is 2:45. Who could be here this late? Is it Syd? But she has her own keys. Maybe she's forgotten it.

Moving across the room, I unlocked the door.

And stand still.

A shocked breath escapes me when it snaps open, revealing Romero King.

What is he doing here?

"What the hell do you think you are doing here?" I demand regaining my conscious and loosing my all sleep.

* * * * *

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