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   Chapter 29 Twenty nine

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I catch a young looking girl in waitress uniform approaching me with a tray in her hand. "Miss." Nodding, she places the glass down.

"You must be mistaking. I didn't order anything." Informing, I stare at her.

She licks her lips, looking nervous as she opens her mouth to say something but stops when another voice beats her to it. "That's all Ella. You may leave."

Girl politely but somewhat forcibly nods at me and Alex before practically running away. I realize, Alex is her boss maybe that's why she was nervous.

Furrowing my brows, I ask, "What is this?" Pointing at the green liquid in a glass.

"Oh this is a special drink, recipe by grandmother, it will help you to sober up and also your headache. C'mon try it." He tells me.

"But I'm not..." I start to protest then I think of better, maybe I'm still little less sober.

Bringing the glass to my lips, I take a sip with uncertainty. I close my eyes as I wait for bad taste to collide but it doesn't, in fact It tastes like ginger spicy tea, which is quite good.

Green colour?

"But why it is green?" I ask, confused.

"It has some herbals. How is it?"

I nod, absentmindedly, "Yes, it's good, really good."

I silently drink it. Feeling more easy by the time I finish it.

"So, " he starts, staring at me seriously, "What happened back in there?" There, he finally lets out. I know he was itching to ask this, I could see it and I knew he would ask eventually.

What do I say? 'That, oh nothing much. I was humiliated by jerk whom I kissed after, who thinks it as mistake, then I was harassed by some psycho rapist and I found the jerk, having sex with some slut.'

I stop at the 'slut'.

What was that?

I get angry just by thin

y king throwing fits?" I ask, confused.

What does he has to do with any of this?

"That fucking asshole! I was having an awesome sex with my boyfriend and out of nowhere that fucker appeared asking about you and when I told him, I didn't know, he flipped right away and started cursing me, dumping whole house upside down!" She sounds angry all over again.

Why would he try to find me?

What is this all about?

I try not to dwell in it because I know it'll end up creating more confusion for me.

And I can't afford that.

I have had enough for tonight.

"I'm sorry Syd, I really am. I wasn't thinking when I left there."

I feel bad for making her worry like this. It doesn't matter what my intentions were, I should have told her or at least messaged.

"It's alright. Where are you?"

"Er..I'm at a café with Alex." I hesitate.

"Is he your same work friend?" I can picture her furrowed brows.

"Yeah he is." I say, looking over Alex, who is now pretending to busy on his phone.

He is really bad actor.

"Oh Okay. Enjoy but not too much. I will proba-" she abruptly stops at mid sentence.


What's that?

* * * * *

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