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   Chapter 28 Twenty eight

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I blink my eyes open when I sense someone's presence around me. I spot Alex, kneed down in front of me with a concern engraved on his face.

"You okay, Angel?" He inquiries smoothly, trying to conceal his worries.

I nod in positive, "Yes I am, can we just go from here? I really want to leave this place." I ask more like plea him.

Get a grip girl!

"Of course. C'mon." He stands up, offering his hand for support.

I take it quietly and wills myself to stand up. Shrugging his hand off, I straighten my or Syd's 'now wrinkled' dress, I just hope she wouldn't get mad for this. He motions me to move forward by parking lot where hundreds of car are parked.

We stop by a car, I can't tell its modal but I can tell by it's fancy looks, it must be expensive one. I don't know anything about cars, despite Logan's undying love for them. We, I mean me and Bella don't share his sentiments and how he would grumble that he needed male best friends.

I really miss them.

Alex opens passenger door for me. I slide inside buckling seatbelt. Moving across he takes driver seat and starts car.

He glances at me from the corner if his eye, "Do you mind if we take a quick stop by Shine?"

I recall his cottage looking beautiful cafe, were we first met. I shake my head, "No, of course not."

I'm greatfull that he even came here for me at first place, without really knowing me well.

He smiles, "Great. I was at work actually, when you called. I just have to pick

wished to live my life solemnly and make my parent proud and now I've no idea, what I'm wishing for.

Ughhh. Stop it!

Exhaling a breath, I observe around me to distract myself. I watch a family on table opposite me, man and woman both seem around mid thirties, a toddler is on man's lap and a kid, who I assume would be about seven-eight years old, is at the adjacent seat from mother. They seem happy, content and it looks like they are here to celebrate something.

What I wouldn't give to have my that day back where I was my dad's princess and we are were happy like them. Just one day, it took just one day, one minute and few seconds to destroy my happy laughing family, leaving me here between wolves. I don't think I would have survived too, if it wasn't for grandma, Logan and Bella and my therapist.

Don't go there!

Releasing a breath, I remind myself to call grandma and my two other friends sometime tomorrow. It has been quite time since I last talked to them.


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