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   Chapter 27 Twenty seven

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I stop outside the door.

And open it.

I gasp.

All breath once again leaves my body, but this time in disdain.

In a very awful way.

Oh my heart.

It takes the sickening blow painfully.

All my past tremor vanishes in air like dust, conceiving a new surge of grief, anguish and misery as I take in the scene beholds opposite me.

My body goes numb.

And my heart breaks a bit more.

In the middle of room is Romero, occupying a couch, his hands on arm of it and his head thrown back at the head of it. He has his jacket offed of him and still manages to take my breath away with just folded sleeves.

But that's not shocking, it is the orange haired girl, who is kneeling on floor between his legs. Her hands on his thighs and she is just in her bra and skirt.


My heart shatters it's broken part.

They both turn to look at me for disturbance. I look at Romero first, his face is blank and stoic as he stares at me impassively. If he is somehow aghast to see me, he doesn't show it. Nor he pulls away from her. He just stares, like always.

He holds not even hint of uneasiness, Or recognition.

I feel appalled, sick, nauseous. My face must be displaying all the sickness I feel at the moment.

It doesn't affect him though.

Not even a bit.

Carina on the other hand, doesn't seem to like my intrusion for her face turns into ugly sneer, "You wanna join to fuck?"

My face warms despite my condition, "No! I...I'm s..sorry. I...I j...just washroom." I stutter backing away, swallowing a hard lump formed in my throat.

Oh God!

It's real.

Not a dream, But a living nightmare.

My nightmare.

Her face twists more before she spits, "Then get the fuck out of here, bitch."

I don't need to be told twice, I

om here and have shower.

I think of calling Dev but then I remember his mother and sister are alone. I can't just call him and he must be sleeping anyway. I try to think what to do next.

I pick out my phone and go through the contacts. Selecting a number, I dwell a little before I press the green button.

He picks it up on third ring, "Hey angel. Miss me?" His cheerful voice comes through the line warming my heart.

I don't know why but hearing his voice makes my crack up, a sobs slips me, "Hi Alex." I speak hoarsely.

I can practically see his frown, "What's wrong?" He asks, worry dripping in his words.

"Can you pick me up, please?" I ask quietly brushing the unwanted tears away.

Please say yes, I really don't want to hear no.

"Sure where are you?" He still sounds worry.

"I...I don't know but I think at some second frat house." I reply unsure, distantly recalling Sydney telling me about it.

"On my way." With that he hangs up. He has studied from here so he must know about it.

Leaning against a wall, I close my eyes, forcing it to relax, not wanting to have a another melt down.

I wait for him.

And for this night to get over.

* * * * *

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