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   Chapter 26 Twenty six

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I don't have any explanation why I said it. Maybe I've said it to get any reaction or to hurt him, if it meant anything to him. Or maybe I've said it protect myself, not wanting to fall in his same old sick game. Or maybe because I wanted to show him that he doesn't effect me. I don't really know but I know one thing that the kiss wasn't mistake.

It was anything but mistake. At least to me it wasn't.

I felt everything in it.

His demeanor changes in a flash, he turns stiff. His eyes instantly lose all its intensity of the unknown emotion turning into a icy hard pair of dark grey shade or almost back in colour, palms curling in tight fist, indicating he is beyond angry, before his whole form changes in his passive one's. Nothing is readable through any part.

Not knowing what is going on in his mind is scary thing. It is terrifying.

"So fucking true, " he starts in his deep husky voice, that sends shivers throughout my body but I keep my self compose, not giving away a single fact. "It was my worst fucking Mistake!" Spitting the last word, he takes a two step toward me, glaring me draggers, "A Mistake." Shoving past me, he stomp out of the door, slamming it behind him.


I want to shout at him and tell him that it wasn't a mistake, that it was everything but I am to stunned to say anything.

Shut it!

It was mistake!

I know it was not a mistake and I also know that he knows it too.

So why did he say it was his biggest mistake? My conscience mocks me.


g with unshed tears. I brush my cheeks with the back of my hand. I search for a washroom.

"Could you please tell me, where washroom is?" Spotting a blue hair girl, I ask.

She looks baffled from my state, "Yeah sure. That last door to right corner, but are you okay?" I can't tell if she really wants to know or just formality.

I don't care, really.

I nod, "Yes I am. Thank you."

With that said, I sprint past her, toward right.

Walking with wobbling legs I try to think about that man. He felt somewhat familiar but I can't pin the the exact memory of him.

Who was he?

What did he mean by 'waited'?

I recall the fear I felt when he grabbed me, I was terrified. Hell, I'm still scared, I am shaking. When that man touched me, I felt myself going back to those dark places, I don't ever want to go. I feel dirty and disgusted. This was the second time I've felt like this. Last time Logan was there to help me and he helped me this time too, whether indirectly.

Thank you Logan.

* * * * *

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