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   Chapter 25 Twenty five

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There is a point in our life that we all face at different occasions according to situation where we have no idea or no clue for what just happened, what is happening and how to react. This is the very same moment for me when he shuts me up with his lips on mine.

All the breath is knocked out of my lungs, leaving me stunned.

Time stops.

My breathing stops.

But not my lips.

They move, They dance, And they respond.

I involuntarily close my eyes.

It takes me few seconds to digest the fact that Romero is actually kissing me.

And I am kissing him back.

I'm more than surprised by the softness of his firm looking lips. His tongue gently licking my lower lip, teasing me.

Definitely tease.

Oh so much tease.

I forget everything but his touch, his closeness and his smell.

And it feels good.

Oblivion, indeed is sweet.

My lips parts automatically allowing him entrance. His tongue dips inside tasting me deliberately, skillfully touching every corner of my mouth. His own mouth is tasting like fresh mint, I savor his taste.

Oh how I like it!

I feel my soul sing in pleasure and my body surrendering against his tactics.

I distantly notice when my arms unconsciously reach behind his nape to his hairs, I touch his soft silky hairs, tugging before pulling them, not so gently.

So soft like feather.

He is just manly. Everything about him screams man.

A dark brooding man.

He lets out a feral growl in reaction, pulling me more closer, deeper in him. My body sense his owns ha

make him stumble, "No!" a shout erupts me, startling us both.

How could I?

Shaking my head, I brush his hands away from me, taking a step back, "I....I c..can't." I choke out.

I gasp for air, taking deep hard breath before I glance at him. His eyes full of an emotion, pupil dilated. Is it lust? Or something else? I can't figure out. His lips are swollen and red, probably reflecting mine, showing urgency of our kiss.

Other than that he doesn't seem to have any other effect. His breathing is normal, but I know he is as much affected by it. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt that, the connection. It was there and it still is here as we gaze into each others eye. He is watching me intensely, hungrily as if they want to deliver some message or a promise that he doesn't speak.

I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I puff some air, "It was, "

Amazing, Exquisite, Dazzling, Breathtaking, "A mistake." I let out a lie, without so much of thinking, looking straight in those grey orbs.


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