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   Chapter 14 Fourteen

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Trying to lighten the atmosphere, I tease her, "Since when you are so intelligent?"

She narrows her eyes playfully, "I will pretend I didn't hear your question on my intelligence, " before her eyes turn sad, gloomy, "To answer your question, I have seen what it did to my sister. We, I mean, me and Luke have simple and stable relationship, the way I want it but I have witnessed what a toxic love did to my sister. Because of that toxic affair she lost her baby, she still is recovering from it."

I feel a kick in gut as I hear the mention of the baby, familiar panic tries to rise up, it wants to take me to the dark places I left and I don't want return there, never. I close my eyes as I count to ten to calm my rising panic.

After ten, I take a deep breath as I start to feel steady again, "I'm sorry about your sister. I didn't know you have one."

"Oh well, it maybe because we have met just two days before silly." She reminds me, laughing lightly.

Only two?

Has it really been just two days? Why does it feel like a week? Ah right, I know the answer. It's because I'm stumbling from my goal. My focus doesn't seem that clear as it was before. I need to short my self out and concentrate.

Now you are getting it!

Better late than never.

I stand up, peering at my watch, "Alright I gotta go."

Sydney stops me, "Hey where are you going? Why don't you come with us, there is a party around somewhere."



I snort at the thought, "Actually I can't, I've to go for job hunting and parties are really not my thing." Shaking my head, I move toward front door.

"All right I'll let you go for now, but next time I'm taking you with me an

oods. The decor is beautiful with red and white combination. It gives a homey feeling. I thinks its famous here as almost tables are full apart from one-two table.

I take a one right-cornered table by the window. I like window seat, in any case. A middle aged blond woman comes to me, smiling she asks for my order. I'm always hungry for hamburger and steak with a cold coffee so I ordered it. She nods before leaving.

While waiting, like always I gaze outside the window trying to figure out everyone's urgency. Its pretty amazing to just sit quietly and stare at people surrounding us and try to figure out what's going on their mind.

I hear someone clearing their throat, I turn around only to find a hot, sexy-type good looking guy with black hair and expectant green eyes staring down at me.

He is seriously a hot eye candy from top to bottom with fit lean body and I would totally pass him as a modal anytime.

But not like your Romero huh?

No. Nothing like my-

Just stop thinking about him. He is bad news. I mentally chide my self.

Looking over stranger with raised eyebrows, I ask, "Yes?"

* * * * *

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