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   Chapter 13 Thirteen

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I wake up with a pounding head, like hung over, the fact that I've never touched any alcohol other than wine before, let alone getting drunk, doesn't make me feel any good. With a sigh I get up and look myself in mirror and cringe at the sight, my eyes are puffy, clearly anyone could tell I've been crying. Thank god it's Saturday today, which means no class, but I still have to look for jobs today. Hopefully I'd get one too.

I vaguely remember the dream I saw last night. It was more like memory than a dream. It's very rare for me to see that kind of dream. It only happens when I'm emotionally overwhelmed. I guess yesterday was kind of a bad day for me. I tipsily remember Sydney knocking my door, asking about my first day but I was so drained physically and emotionally I didn't answer her and went back to sleep, neither did I answer any phone calls.

But right now I'm determined to not let anyone ruin my day. Not even him. I muster all my energy and walk into bathroom. After a relaxing hot shower, I dress up in simple sweatshirt and jeans, when I glance in mirror this time, I'm not looking like the mess I was before but not exactly myself either. At least my eyes are less puffy and there is some color in my cheeks. Anyway it will do.

I see my phone picking it up, I unlock it. I gape at the screen that shows 11 missed call from grandma. I don't literally know what to think because I can feel my irritation getting up. Sighing, I call her back. She doesn't pick up so I decide to call her later. Maybe when I'm not irritated enough. I mean I'm eighteen not eight, I am basically an adult but no, all she'd see me as little kid who needs to be told what to do,

e than you could ever think of. You are good girl, a positivity and he is full of negatively so you see, 'the opposites attract'. I want to warn you although its not my place nonetheless I will tell you one thing, the moment you feel you're loosing yourself in him, in your love, come back before its too late."

Why the hell is she saying all this as if anything is going to happen between us?

Snort, No chance in hell.

I can't even bear the thought of seeing him right now let alone love, and he, well he is already disgusted with me. I'm not going to fall in love with him. The idea alone is absurd. So what if I am attracted to him, I'm sure most of the girls are attracted to him. So this must be nothing new for him and though it's new for me I believe I'd get over it.

I will have to.

I have never been more hurt, angry and embarrassed in last few years and it's all because of him. One time was enough to learn my place, I don't need it again.


Why are we even talking about him anyway, more so important why I'm letting him get me without him being actually here.

Stop this you idiot!!


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