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   Chapter 12 Twelve

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He lick his lips seductively, "You know what, I wouldn't have given you a second glance anyway, because you see, " Suddenly, he is in front of me, grabbing my chin as he turns my face brushing my cheeks lightly with his thumb before he breathes in my ears, "You are not pretty enough."


He couldn't be more cruel.

My heart breaks at his words. I can't hold my tears anymore, they come out. I know I'm not beautiful but him throwing it on my face hurts like hell. I try to swallow the lump formed in my throats as he finally moves away from me. He looks in my eyes and this time I don't try to hide the pain I'm feeling. I let him see me, the real me, my whole inside out.

I let him decide to believe whatever he wants. I don't try to defend myself when he takes the final view of me before both his face and eyes turn passive.

He turns and leaves.

Without a second glance.

Like he said.

I keep looking at his back for I don't know what. My blurry eyes doesn't waver away from his figure until he is out its sight.

I was wrong, so wrong about him. I thought he was misunderstood, vulnerable, somewhere good inside, but I was wrong. I wanted to solve that enigma, that puzzle but not now, not anymore. I don't even want to see him right now.

Sydney w

hand for me to grasp it, a sign of peace, "I am so sowwy Ila, please fowgive me."

"Aw buddy come here. Its okay. I forgive you but I will eat your piece of cake too." I negotiate.

He immediately makes face, "No!"



I fold my arms, "Then I'll not forgive you."

He pouts but gives in, "O..okay fine."

I smile in victory, holding his hand. As we turn around mommy and daddy both are standing at the porch, smiling widely.

I wave at them, "Merry Christmas mommy and daddy. I love you and you too Jake." I smile my little brother, kissing his cheek.

My dad clasps his hands together, "C'mon, it's pictures time."


* * * * *

Hi guys!

I want to inform you guys that the "~~ ~~" sign would used when there is mention of any dream or memory since I can't use italic here!

Have a wonderful reading.


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