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   Chapter 11 Eleven

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He is so rigid that one might think he is a statue.

When he still doesn't turn around, I frown. I'm sure he has heard me, if he didn't then why would he stop. The way his back's so uptight like he's fighting a whole inner battle irks me.

I move to him silently, when I'm on an arm length, I ask, "Are you oka-", he is on me, before I can even complete my sentence, pounding me against the wall of the locker, caging me with it and himself. I gasp as my back collides with the hard material.

"Don't. Ever. Say. That. Name. Again." He spits with clenched teeth. His eyes blazing with rage, they hold nothing of the emotion I saw earlier. I'm scared, hell no, I'm terrified of this rage. I've never faced this much anger from anyone in my life before.

Bloody hell!

I gulp, avoiding his rage full eyes, "I...I'm....I ." I stutter as I try to apologize but I can't speak, my mouth is dry, no word is coming out. I try to squirm under his hold but he tightens his grip on my arm, squeezing it, it's tight but not enough to hurt me.

Then suddenly he smashes his palm just above my head, I try not to wince but fail miserably. I squeeze my eyes shut tightly not wanting to see his blazing eyes. I can feel tears shimmering in the back of my eyes. I don't want it fall and make me look like a pathetic cry baby.

"What? You are fucking what?" Snarling, he leans into me. I try to back away from him.

But I can't.

I'm trapped.

"Sorry... I'm sorry." I finally utter the words after few minutes of struggle, opening my

nd just what the hell is he talking about?

"You don't know me. You don't have any right to judge me." I cry out, still struggling. I can't bear to look at him, its too much. I have never felt this much embarrassment before. The way he used my attraction to him is nothing but pure evil. I feel pathetic to even be attracted to him at the first place.

You are pathetic!

His smirk widens, "Oh, I think I know enough. The way you couldn't keep your eyes off me."

I don't have anything to say to this. He is right, I can't help myself but stare him whenever my eyes see him. I forget everything even my whereabouts but him.

I can't believe that I'm attracted to this guy who is insulting me, who is making me cry.

He releases me, taking few step away from. He takes a look of my whole form up to down, I feel so disgusted by the way he is looking at me. I want to run away and cry my heart out, but I don't want to give him that satisfaction. So I hold my ground as strongly I could.

Or at least I try to.


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