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   Chapter 10 Ten

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I sense someone sits beside me. I don't ken why but I'm having this weird but familiar feeling in my stomach when I turn to look at them. My eyes widen when I see him. Romero freaking king is sitting beside me and he smells good, damn good. It's not some cologne scent, it's more like some shampoo or body wash, I can't figure out. I can feel my body is being effected by his presence and I'm trying to ignore it. I swear I'm, but it's impossible to do so when he is this close to me and what is he doing here anyway? I thought he is in business and business and psychology are like two extreme ends.

"Hi." I decide to make first move.


I get no response.

So I dig in further, "Look I don't know what is your problem with me, but I just want say sorry for yesterday, you know if I have somehow offen-"

"Fucking stop!" He snarls, whipping his face sharply toward me with a burning glare.


I jump at his harshness, moving away from him and look at him with my wide open eyes, he is still glaring me. We both stare in each other eyes, I with curiosity and he with ice.

Why he has to be so harsh with me?

Look away you idiot!

I should but I can't.

Then suddenly something happens, an intimate and unique wave births between us, catching me completely off gaurd. The air around us change as it gets thicker with an emotion and there is an unm

k of it. It's a watch, an expensive looking Rolex watch, his watch I assume. I pick it up and run out of the room with the intention of returning it. I can't see him anywhere outside so I put it in my pocket. I'll just return it when I would see him again.

Yeah. Do that.

I go to my locker and stuff it my things as I don't have anymore classes. I'm not in mood to clean it so I close it again. I will probably do it on Monday.

As I turn around I see him, Romero, moving ahead of me. The way he is walking is admirable like a King out to rule his world, looking irresistible even from his back view with broad shoulder and narrow waist. Then I remember his watch. There are only few students so I decide it's probably the good time to return his watch.

"Romero." I call for him, completely forgetting the warning I got earlier about not calling his first name.

His shoulder stiffens.

He stops still.

* * * * *

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