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   Chapter 9 Nine

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Our professor is very young man, in about late twenties. Totally opposite of my belief. I thought he would be some old and short man but damn this man is good looking. Now I understand the reason of girls population in this class. It looks like almost all girls are here just to see him, most of them are looking at him in awe and lust. I'm a psychology student I can tell just by their expressions.

"So guys how about a little introduction. As most of you know I'm Sebastian Vidal and I'm your art professor. Now introduce yourselves." Our professor starts with his smooth voice, smooth enough to drool for. He seems friendly and cool kind of teacher not strict or gruffy type.

Everyone delivers their introduction on their chances, I hear one girl's intro, "I'm Sherri and I'm here to admire a certain piece of art." She finishes with a flirty wink, eying professor from head to toe. Professor just shakes his head smiling, "I'm sure you can find few more artwork if you concentrate." Although he's smiling but his voice comes out as stern warning.

Few minutes later Dev stands up beside me, "Hello I'm Davis Carl. I'm here to make myself a perfect artist. I want to earn some money so I can help my family."

"Thank you Mr. Carl but you seem to forget 'No one is perfect here'." Mr. Vidal comments, motioning him to sit down.

I stand up, nervously when I realize its my time to speak, "I'm Akira Ray. I'm an scholarship student and I simply want to understand art and show it to others through my art." I shrug my one shoulder, sitting back on my seat and try to calm my nerves. I'm not very social so I tend to become nervous while speaking in front of many people.

"That's what I'm here for, Miss. Ray, thank you." Professor Vidal smiles charmingly before turning to other.

By the time everyone finish their introduction, the class is almost about to over but our professor doesn't seem to mind it and starts his topic, explanation of art.


ut like his face, they are too masked with emotionlessness. They give nothing away, just silently analysing me. A swell of awareness shoot in throughout my veins. I suddenly feel subconscious of my self as I take a step back trying not to squirm under his gaze.

His jaw works and without any other glance, he turns around and walks away. Leaving me in his stance, looking like a fool.

Get a hold on yourself!

It takes me few minutes to recover my self as I try to snap out of my thoughts. I mentally scold myself for loosing my control like that, it's second time I've lost my grip like that since yesterday and both of the time because of him. Romero. I hurriedly make my way toward the class. Feeling like, I'm late. I sigh in relief when I finally spot my class.

I enter the class, once again relief floods through me when I notice teacher is still not here. Taking the last seat beside window, I gaze outside it. I feel calm and peace when I look in the sky, it gives me hope that my parents are somewhere in there, looking out for me, guiding me to right path. This endless sky also gives inspiration to not stop and keep going because this world is so big, there must be a small, stable place for me too. Just like everyone else have their own, a place where I could feel myself belonging.


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