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   Chapter 8 Eight

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I don't really believe everything but some part of what she said is not completely wrong because I've always minded my own business. My focus has always been my dream, my family. I know that I'm not ugly or anything but I'm not very beautiful either, so her last part doesn't even make sense. I am simply plain. I sometimes feel like I have no interesting bone in my body, but I like myself this way. I am comfortable this way only. I don't want to change myself if given a chance.

I don't deal well with adaption.

I never have.

"Anyway this is your class." Her voice breaks the train of my thoughts, diverting my sight at the class on front of me.

I turn to her, smiling, "Thank you for help. I will meet you in room."

She waves her hand in dismissal, "Oh just skip with your formalities, and yes, see you in room. Now go it's almost time." Pushing me inside, she makes a run for her first class.

As I enter my class, everything inside me clenches in anticipation, pushing me forward. Reminding me my goal, making promises of upcoming and untold future. I take a good look around the room, it's in oval shape and very big, almost every seats are filled. I see a two seat at the left side near window. Taking that seat, I pull out my pencil, Craft book and start sketching something just to calm my ever wandering mind and also relax my nerves.

I am really here!

It still feels like a dream.

Christ, Just don't let it be a dream and if it is then don't let me wa

mine is limited. She is rich, modern minded well I'm me, poor and stereotype. We just don't exactly fit in.

But I like her though.

We talk little bit more before teacher comes. He tells me about his school, family and I about mine. He has a little sister who is six years old and his mom works as nurse in a clinic. He also works in a garage as part time job. His dad is dead so his family moved in with him as he got in this college, from New Jersey.

"It must have been a hell lot of work to change a place, wasn't it?" I question, after he told me about him.

He shrugs, "Yeah it was difficult but not impossible. That's why we came here about a month ago. Now its all settled and comfortable."

Just as I'm about to ask his sister's name, a loud smooth but firm voice breaks in startling us all, "Hello, class. Hope you all had great time on you holidays, but for now forget all those adventures and focus here."

The teacher has finally arrived.

One more step forward.

* * * * *

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