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   Chapter 7 Seven

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My annoying but helpful alarm wakes me up as its usual time kicks in. I struggle to not sleep again. Though I'm an organized freak but that doesn't mean I'm a morning person, in fact quite opposite. Maybe that's why I always wait for weekend, almost desperately. After some self motivational quote, I get up from my bed and shape it back to normal. Slowly and lazily I ease my way toward washroom, to prepare myself for a new start.

Suddenly I'm excited as the thought of new life crosses my mind, reminding me it's first day of my dream college and first step toward my ultimate dream.

After a quick hot shower, I wrap a towel around me and make my way back to the room. I open my wardrobe as I look through my choices of clothes. I pick out a blue top with full sleeves. I like full sleeves so most of my tops and shirt are of that type. I do a little debate on jeans and skirt but like I knew I go for jeans anyway. After putting my clothes on, I stand in front of dressing mirror as I analyze my appearance. It looks good on me. I don't use any makeup. At some occasions, yes but not on daily basis. Nada. I apply a bit of lip gloss and pick my hairs up in a pony tail.

I'm ready.

I drawl in living room or big room and wait for Sydney. She is going to show my locker and my first art class.

It doesn't take long before she comes out of her room looking beautifu

sting in me. Sure few of them flirt but that's all it always is and that's all I have ever wanted them to be.

I look at her, "Nope. I'm not lucky at it, nor do I want to. Actually I have never really been interested in relationships. Few crushes here and there in high school who never liked me back, that's it. I guess I have been so focused on my GPA that I didn't have any social life apart from my best friends." I shake my head to get rid of these thoughts. Even if I was really interested in someone, grandma would have never allowed it.

Sydney stops me from moving and looks at me, I mean really look at me from up to down and then snorts, "Are you for real? Who wouldn't like you? You are gorgeous girl and your eyes, fuck I would kill for them. You just don't see how many guys give you once-over because you are so engrossed in your mind. Open your eyes and you will see line of boys waiting for you."


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