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   Chapter 6 Six

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My thoughts are disturbed with another squeal, "Oh my god. I knew it. Tell me about him. How is he? Is he tall and dark or short and cute? Black hair or blonde? Come on bitch, I want details."

Trust Bella to ask such details.

Should I tell her or not?

"There is no one Bella. It's just I'm missing you guys. Its my first night here. Everything is so different." It's not exactly a lie.

I end up not telling her. What is there to tell anyway? Its not like we are going out or something. So no big deal.

I hear Logan's voice on background, asking about his underwear?

Really Logan?

They both moved in after high school. They go to same college not far from Kent and Bella's parent are not exactly, supportive parent. They kicked her out just after her 18 birthday claiming she is adult now. Sometimes Bella seriously claims that they are not her real parents, just bunch of douches in name of it. Her brother Eric, is a one suck up d-bag. He even harassed me one time and thank god Logan was there.

I cringe when I hear her purr, "Its your underwear for your hot ass, baby. How would I know?"

Oh no, not again!

"Babe my ass is not only convenient but also decorative for you. Find it, please." Loga

r my future also. My grandma doesn't have enough money to support me too. She gets her pension but that's just for her. Back in home too, I did two part-time job for my tuition fees and other art materials. I guess, I will be looking for a job this weekend. That is, day after tomorrow.

Wow. Great start.

I sigh, I know.

By the time I complete my work it's already 9 pm. My whole body is aching and my head is also pounding from traveling, cleaning and studying too. I decide it's time to sleep so I put my things back at their places before climbing back in too bed. I don't switch off the light, it's also one of my quirk. Darkness gives me creep and reminds me of the torturous past. Few minutes of tossing around I finally drift in inevitable darkness.

With one last thought of the grey eyed puzzle.

* * * * *

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