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   Chapter 5 Five

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"I'm really sorry about this evening, Akira. I don't know why the hell King reacted like that. We all know he has temper, a very bad one at that but he never acted this irrationality before." Sydney apologises, again.

"Its okay Sydney. You don't have to apologise on his behalf. I think I must have offended him somehow because of that he reacted like this. I mean yes, he could be little bit more human about it. That's okay I guess." I assure her and even myself. I don't think it's working on either of us.

She snorts, "King and human don't belong in same sentence, girl."

Is it true?

I mean, yes, he did look like a menacing force but of course he is human. The first time my eyes contacted with his, I did see more of him. More then he wanted to be seen. I have seen darkness in him but along with it I have also witnessed loneliness and vulnerability there.

But what if my eyes were deceiving me or what if I'm wrong?

I have always tried to find something good in everyone. I got it from mummy and my this trait is immensely disliked by my best friends. They say it is my weaknesses, my most vulnerable point but I disagree. I believe every bad person has their own trails of story. They are not born like this, it's their circumstances that makes them bad. Some of them cross the line of humanity and they are left with no point of returning back, there is no redemption for them but those who are still under the line deserve a chance to be good, even if it is for their loved one.

Romero didn't seem like he has any intention to cross that invisible line.

Then of course, he is human.

Currently, we are at our living room, discussing our plans for tomorrow classes. She is studying business as she will have to handle their family business in future along with her brother. She also told be about her boyfriend's IT businesses.

"Anyway what's his major?" I ask instead, trying to change subject.

But that too related to him.


She scrunches her nose, "I don't even understand why the fuck he wants to study when he already has everything!"

Wait, what?

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"Oh you know, King's Wing?" She raises her brow.

I stare dumbly before shaking my head in disagreement.

She is looking at me in utter disbelief, "Seriously? You don't know King's Wing? Damn! It is fucking famous and almost worldwide known. Romero King is its rightful owner and CEO."

Oh boy, he is rich, like Richy Rich.

I snort inwardly, probably that's why he is a spoil brat and rude jerk.

"But he is so young. How does he manage it all? Does he even work at all-"

"Of course he does. Most of the weekends he is in New York, to oversee his work. You have lot to learn, babe."

"I'm a country side girl. What did you expect from me? My life was basically school, friends and my grandma. That's it." I was not some famous cheerleader or one of the popular girls who like to have gossips. My life was pretty much schedule

d and I like it that way.

She yawns as she stands up, "Okay, I guess you are right. I'm sleepy. Goodnight Akira."

I wave her, "Goodnight Syd."

I also stand up and head toward my room but my mind is still on certain King. As I lock my door, my eye catches the familiar sight of my laptop.

Come on, lets do some digging.

But wouldn't it be privacy invasion?

It's just a little googling!

Is it? I wonder but give in.

I enter my password and start Google, I type 'King's Wing' and it snaps open.

'King's Wing'

It's is known as one of famous technology Industry across the world. It has some major share of other department also. It's worldwide known for its success and its millions of workers. The company won many titles on its name. It's currently one of the leading company in country. There are too many trusts that company is operating to help helpless. Its current CEO is Mr. Romero King, who has joined it at a very early age after few years of his father's death. Mr. Romero King is a young man, currently studying in Yale. Despite his age, he is one of the very intelligent and bright man in any Competition. There are not many public occasions in which he has appeared. He is rather aloof from all the society functions, but is still a topic of talk around, specialy in ladies.


The current CEO's father was a humble man. He was respected by both his allies and enemies. His death is still a mystery, but according to our source it's said that he killed himself-

I stop reading.

His father killed himself?

My lord, it's so heartbreaking to even read or think about this. How old he was when it happened? Is it even true? What must he had felt if it really did happen? I don't even want to imagine it. A small kid alone in this cruel world, so lost and sad and hell there is nothing else about his family, not even his mother. I want to stop thinking about him but my mind is just stick on him. On the cue, my phone rings, I glance at it, Bella.

I pick it up, "Hello Bella."

I hear a squeal on other side, "Oh my God, I'm so happy for You, Ira. Logan told me about your college and room. You are so lucky and you deserve it." Bella chirps happily.

Bella is very beautiful and strong girl but God, the girl has no filter in her mouth. When you have least expected she could be naive as hell. She is most honest and blunt girl I know, but that's what I like about her. She doesn't sugarcoat and gives you solid reality check whenever you need it. I love her.

I smile before adding sarcastically, "I'm good Bella, thanks for asking."

She snorts, "Don't try to be smarty pants with me, you lucky bitch. Tell me, have you encountered with any hotshot?"

My mind automatically reaches to a grey eyed creature who is an enigma to me and either I'm going to try my hardest to solve this enigma or I'm going to steer clear of him. I don't know which one to choose for now. I guess it will be decided in upcoming time.


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