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   Chapter 4 Four

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All while introduction, I notice Romero doesn't look up from his phone nor does he acknowledge me. He is acting like I'm not even here, and if not for the slight stiffness of his shoulders, I would have believed it too but I know he is aware of me, of my presence. Should I speak to him first? I remember Sydney told me not to talk him. I guess I will wait and see if he talks to me, at all.

Why the hell does it matters to you?

The question stuns me for I don't have exact answer to it.

I don't know why it matters to me. I just know it does. I'm somehow sure about it and something about his eyes tell me that it matters to him as well, if I'm not deluding myself and I sure as hell hope that I'm not.

Adam sits by my side and starts flirting. He is all one-night-stand type guy and I'm not in it. I'm not usually into flirty guys but today I seem to like the attention and I'm blaming it on my nervousness and of course Romero freaking king.

He hasn't once looked away from his bloody phone.

"Tell us about yourself, Akira." Adam starts.

What the hell you want know? My favorite color, food, hobby or I am single. I scoff internally. I'm plain, it is simple as that.

"There is nothing to tell about me. I'm not exciting at all, I'm rather boring." I shrug one of my shoulder.

"Come on babe, anything?" He pouts, that isn't cute at all.

Oh well.

"I'm from Kent. It is small town in Connecticut, little far away from here. Almost everyone knows about each other. I have my grandma and best friends there, I love them. I'm passionate about art. Its my life's main dream. I think that should be enough." I chuckle nervously, thinking if I have spoken too much. I look around table and find everyone, well apart from Romero is staring at me with not surprise or anything but just merely intrigue if not less.

Thank God, at least everyone were listening.

"Isn't Kent fall there? I've heard about it."

I beam at Adam, "Yeah it is there. Its very beautiful."

Kent fall is famous place for tourists. Loads of people come here during spring. It looks heavenly with full of nature. At dusk, it really feels like we are in another world.

Oh I miss it already.

"I always wanted to go there but with a beautiful girl, to give me tour, of course, won't you beautiful?" He winks flirtatiously.

I laugh with a nod.

"Oh, so you like art." Slade asks abruptly, his gaze flickers to King for a brief moment.

"Actually I love it." I smile.

"You must be on scholarship?" He raises his brow.

I don't know what gave him the idea of it. Maybe because I'm not like most of the students here or perhaps because I'm dressed in rather plain and dull clothes in front of these polished people.

You are here for study. My conscience reminds me.

I know, I wave that nagging voice away.

"Yes, I am. I was offered in my junior year." I told him.

He nods, muttering something 'great', and returns back to his phone.

My gaze immediately finds the fine piece of man si

tting next to him, and I'm regretting it 'cause the second my eyes find his figure, he stills. It is as if he could sense my gazing, rather gawking.

I hear a cough and I quickly avert my eyes. I turn toward Adam, who is already looking at me, I raise my brows.

He smiles, "Oh I was wondering if you are dating someone."


I don't know where he is taking this, but before I can answer Sydney jumps in, "Yes, she is. I saw a handsome hunk dropped her off earlier."

Hell no, she thinks Logan is my boyfriend. I try to swallow the bad taste it gave in my mouth. Its not that he is bad looking or anything but because he is like an older brother to me. I have never once considered it like that.

"No, no, he is not my boyfriend. He is my best friend, Logan." I quickly correct her.

She looks at me and smiles apologetically.

"Well I'm glad to hear it." Adam winks at me.

Chuckling I shake my head, he is a damn flirt, I'll give him that. But as long as it's just harmless flirting I'm okay with it. Well not too much okay.

"So tell me beautiful, do you want hang out with me tomorrow, after class?" He continues his flirting.

Oh no.

Did I give him any impression that I'm interested? I don't think so.

"No actually I have lots of work to catch up. So may be some another time." I offer him a nervous smile to let him know I'm not outrightly declining him, but I'm not interested him in that way.

I'm not interested period.

It seems normal flirting but if things get out of my hand, I will clear it with him or rather be crystal clear of him. I mean it is my first day for God sake. I'm here for my dreams not for relationship.

His smile flatters a little but he recovers quickly, adding, "Tell me if you change your mind."

I nod, " I will, than..."

I'm cut off by a screeching sound of chair falling. When I look up, I find Romero is standing by chair, that just fell down by his force.

He slams his fist on table, hard and growls, "Shut. The. Fuck. Up!"

I flinch and close my eyes.

Bloody hell!

He growled, I mean literally growled.

A moment later, I slowly open my one eye then other. His beautiful face covered with a mask of cruel sneer is terrifying.

Holy crap!

He is glaring, straight to me. I shrink under his glare. If I'm not already seated, I would have collapsed on my knees. I'm scared as hell. I don't know how long it will take me to piss in my pants.

With one last freezing glare, he whirls around and storms off the cafeteria. Leaving everyone behind to stare after him. This is until all heads slowly turn to me looking shocked, probably wondering what the hell this girl has done on her first day.

I duck my head down in humiliation. Did I do something wrong? I don't even know if I have offended him somehow.

If even so, he shouldn't have yelled at me like that. He could have told me his problem nicely, or at least more humanely.

I realize that despite his handsome face he is a jerk.

And I don't like jerks!

* * * * * * *

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