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   Chapter 3 Three

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As soon we enter cafeteria, I'm greeted with fresh aroma of coffee. In Kent, there was a company that would always smell like coffee and milk. Whenever I had free time I'd go there and enjoy greenery around that company. It was rather refreshable.

"There they are."

I look at my left where Sydney is pointing. Time stands still when my eyes connect to a mysterious looking creature in black, momentarily I stop breathing.

Oh. my. god!

My jaw drops open, I can't help but access his features. With a face of Adonis, that almost every female would want to stop and stare, he is far more raw and primal man than I have ever seen. He is so handsome, no scratch that, he is breathtakingly beautiful like dark angel. His jet black hair that reach bellow his ears are perfectly combed. His strong square jaw are filled with small trimmed beard looks damn attractive. He is gorgeous.

Holy crap!

As if sensing my gawkiness, he lift his eyes and finds mine and I hear a sound of gasping, I'm pretty sure it was mine. Then suddenly everything around us faints away, leaving just me and him.

His orbs, so deep, I feel like drowning in them.


He has most beautiful and capturing grey eyes. They give dark yet an alluring vibe that is more than enough to attract anyone. I hold his eyes and suppress an urge to shiver observing ferociousness and promises of dark desires in them. They widens, just slightly, then narrows at mine, but not because I'm staring since I'm quite sure he is used to this type of reaction from a girl. For a fleeting moment I see a hint of recognition but I can't be sure about it. I try to reach further in them and that's when they turn cold, glaring me. I feel my own face turning red from embarrassment. I quickly look away. My god, he must be thinking that I'm one of his many crazy fan girls.

I don't know if that would be wrong at all.

"He is hot, isn't he?" Sydney's dreamy voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

I look at her and crap! I haven't even thought about it. Oh no, he must be her boyfriend. What must she think of me now?

Lord, could this day be more difficult?

"I'm sorry. I didn't realise he is your boyfriend." I tell her as sincerely I could.

She examines me for one long moment before she bursts into laughing. She laughs so hard until tears shimmer in her eye. After awhile she turns sober and snorts, "He, my boyfriend. I wish." She then again starts laughing. I am sure, I'm totally red by now.

She rasps, "Sorry, but you caught me off guard. He is not my boyfriend, in fact he is no one's boyfriend, 'cause he can not tolerate any girls presence after he has fucked them. He is an asshole."

I cringe at her bluntness, so he is playboy type. Well then I'm better far away from him. He does look like a Playboy, with looks to die for and eyes-

Stop it. My inner self snaps at me.

"You should stay away from him. He is no good. He is dangerous and I don't know but different." She says, looking cautiously at me.


I don't know.

But dangerous?


Anyway it's not like I have any chance.

"I'm not here for boys. Thank

s for your concern though." I sigh warily. From the attention he is receiving, I know he can have any girl he wants and I'm just plain, simple and boring, Akira.

Why would he want me?

"Oh come on, I will introduce you to everyone. Just don't talk to King, unless he starts alright?"


"Who is this King?" I ask her, frowning.

She smirks, "Oh, whom you were fantasizing about."

I lower my head in embarrassment. Again.

"No, I was not fan..." I try to deny her weakly and she cuts me off.

"Skip it. He is King, Romero King, but don't speak his first name he doesn't like it." She warns, looking straight in my eyes as though to make me understand​.

If so then I understand it quite perfectly.

And I still find myself repeating his name in my mind. Romero. It suits him, sure it sounds like Italian or something, nonetheless it matches him perfectly fine. Just like his eyes fits with his outrageous aura.

Sydney catches my wrist and drags me toward the table. A boy stands from his seat, when he see us approaching. His face turns into wide smile as they meets with Sydney's. They both hug and kiss each other on lips. Love is apparent on their face but more importantly there is an easiness between them, that stands out unique like they are best friends before anything else. I avert my eyes, feeling like an intruder. Someone coughs and causes them to step away from each other.

"Get a room you two." He says while coughing.

Sydney narrows her eye at him and waves her hand dramatically, "You are just jealous that you can't get any, Slade."

The guy, Slade scoffs, "Oh please, like that would ever happen. Have you seen this?" He points at his big body.

Well I have to agree, he does have nice body with dark brown hair and pale green eyes, that resembles Sydney's, twinkling in smugness. A little bit bulky but still good plus hot looking.

"Shut it brother. Guys this is my roommate, Akira and Akira.." she is cut off by another guy.

"We can introduce us Sydney, " he speaks before facing me, "Hi there beautiful, I'm Lucas." He smiles charmingly. He looks like a typical boy-next-door type, with polo shirt and sandy blond hairs, reminding me lot of Logan.

"Akira." I return his smile. He has an expressive kind brown eyes, anyone can read his emotions if observed strongly. He and Sydney's boyfriend, Luke are twins, I think. They both look quite same.

"Ah I see. Yeah you got it right. That's Luke, my twin." Lucas says with a knowing smile, hearing his name Luke greets me with a cute smile otherwise seems content with his girlfriend.

Another guy comes in front of me with flirty smile as he bows, taking my hand kissing on back of it. "Fancy meeting you, my lady. Adam, at your service. Please have a seat." He pulls out a chair for me.

I giggle at his fake English accent, "Why, thank you, kind sir." I sit on the chair.

Slade raises his hand and mutters a 'hey'. Now I see similarities between him and Sydney. They both have same eye color but different hairs and definitely different attitude. Slade looks like a brooding kind of guy while Sydney charms her way in.


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