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   Chapter 2 Two

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I sniff, letting him go, he frowns at me as if I have somehow offended him. I narrow my eyes, "What?"

He smiles teasingly and taps my nose, "Stop crying or I'm going to cry too, you know how I cry and then Bella is not going kiss me whole day, she will bitch about not blowing my nose clean".

We both laugh at his silly attempt of joke and he pecks my forehead before he turns to leave. Once he is out of sight, I turn toward my room and prepare myself for everything.

Here we go.

As I enter, I'm welcomed with loud music and here goes my decent roommate. I look toward noise, its coming from other room. I'm about move for my room, I hear a light squeal and I see a tall model like brunette coming toward me. She is pretty, really pretty with pale green eyes and stunning figure.

God, she looks almost perfect.

I clear my throat, "Hey I'm Akira. You must be Sydney, my roommate, I was told about you."

She smiles beautifully, hugging me briefly. "Yeah I am Sydney, your awesome roommate."

She starts explaining about rooms and other things, as time of laundry and main hall.

"Do you need some help to unpack your things?" She asks.

Oh hell no. I like to do my things in certain way and I can never be satisfy until it's according to me.

I shake my head, "No, thank you. I'll manage."

She nods, "Oh okay, after you are done, let me know. I can give you a small tour of campus if you want."

I nod back, "That'd be great. Thanks Sydney."

She gives me a wink, "You are cool. I can tell we are gonna be best friends."

Best friend, I'm not sure but friends yeah. She looks wild and I'm not. She looks party type and I'm not, but she seems good.

I smile, "Yeah we are going to be great friends."

Then I go inside my room, my inside feels giddy and touchy. I mean, I have dreamed about this moment like million times, now when finally this is becoming true, I can't wrap my mind around it. It still feels like a dream.

I guess 'dreams come true'.

I move to my bed and start unpacking, after what seems like whole day, I'm done. I have unpacked my things and everything is arranged accordingly, hence I'm satisfied.

Why I'm feeling like I'm forgetting something, something important?

Because you are.

Yes, but what? As far I remember-

Oh Crap!

I forgot to call my grandma. I was supposed to call her as soon I entered my room. She must be furious. I quickly pull out my phone and shit, there is seven missed calls and all from grandma. I call back, she picks up in second ring like she was waiting for my call.

This is not good. Not at all.

"Akira Mary Ray! Its about time you call me, young lady." My grandma screeches from other side.

I cringe and pull my phone away from my ear, "I'm so sorry, grandma. Please forgive me. I know I forgot, I wa..., "

"You forgot! You forgot to call when I had reminded you like thousands time." She scolds, again.

That was the problem back in home. Elizabeth Ray, my lovely grandmother. She always tries to dictate my life according to herself. I know she loves me, maybe too much love. I'm the only one she has left but still some times it gets too much and it suffocates me, like wear this, don't do that, you are

a lady behave like one and so on.

"I'm sorry grandma." I sigh softly.

She also sighs, a long calming sigh, "Its okay dear, just don't to this again. You know how easily I worry when it comes to you. You are only one I have."

"Yeah, I know and I'm eighteen now. You don't need to worry about me. I can take care of myself. I'm big girl now." I tell her.

She snorts, "You will always be my little girl, weather you are eighteen or eighty. So how is everything there?"

This is again a problem, whenever I try to tell her that I'm big girl. All she'd do scoff and change the subject.

"Everything is awesome here. My room is very big and I have separate bathroom too. We have a kitchen and living room as well and college is so big that anyone can get lost here. Sydney said she is going to give tour of it."

"Wait, who is Sydney and how is she?" Great, she is already suspicious.

"She is my roommate and she seems fine." I mutter suppressing a groan.

"Alright, I will let you go now, enjoy but not too much. No party and-"

I cut her off, "No boy, no trouble. Yeah yeah I get it. Bye. Love you."

"I love you too, Akira. Take care."

After cutting the call, I look at myself in mirror and cringe at the sight, my hairs are all out of place and my dress is dirty and wrinkled. I think I should change before we go for tour.

I pick out my blue shirt that matches with my eye and black tight jeans, after changing I keep my hairs down as it was and just comb it. My hairs are natural blonde and straight.

Phew, now I look good, presentable.

Though I'm not very stunning or anything but I'm good enough with petite figure, curvy body and striking blue eyes. My eyes are the best damn part. They are just like my mothers and I love them more for it.

There is knock on my door, "It's open." I call back.

Sydney comes inside, wearing shorts that seem too short for my taste and a tight strapless top.

"We are going for tour, are we not?" I ask her confused.

"Yeah, of course we are going. Why do you ask?" She frowns as if I'm being silly.

Am I? I don't know.

"Its nothing, you look good." I comment.

"Thanks. Luke, my boyfriend loves it, when I wear shorts. So I always try to tempt him and You look cute too."

Cute, jeez.

I blush and mutter a 'thank you'.

Once we are outside, I see she is not only one who is dressed in shorts, many or almost every girls are wearing same kind of dress.

So I guess I'm the odd one.

'Of course, you are.' My inner self pipes again.

Shoo away!

I'm good the way I am. I don't need to change myself just because I'm here, I try to make myself feel better so I could stop this weird and uncomfortable feeling that I don't belong here.

"Come on, lets show you what we have." She pulls me out of my thoughts.

As we walk, I am amazed by sight of every class, lab and office. Everything looks magnificent. She shows me some of my classes, main hall, main gate and now we are going toward cafeteria, where I think her boyfriend and friends are waiting. I don't want to intrude but she insists that it would be fun and I should join them, so I agree.

Lets just hope you made the right choice.

Yeah, I can only hope.

* * * * * * * * *

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