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   Chapter 85 Mrs. Deive Hontiveros

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THE nurses were in a panic as they tried to stop Callea from leaving the bed. "Miss Lopez, please stay put. Your wound might bleed again."

She had a gunshot on her back. She was lucky that no major vein or vital organs were damaged. The bullet was lodged near her shoulder. She had an arm sling so she didn't need to make unnecessary movements. But it was the least of her concern.

"I need to see my boyfriend, " she insisted.

The moment she opened her eyes, she looked for Deive right away. She remembered the gunshot before she closed her eyes. Walter was just in front of them. What if he killed Deive?

"You have to rest first, Miss, " the nurse pleaded.

"I don't need to rest. I need to see Deive."

They don't need to hide anything from her. What if someone died again because of her? She would go mad, for sure. She felt like dying with the thought that he was gone. She couldn't live with that anymore.

The door opened and a man entered with a bouquet of white lilies on his hand. "What's the commotion all about?"

"Deive?" Her tears flowed like flood works when she saw him standing at the door. Is he real? What if he was just her imagination or a soul who was about to say goodbye? "Deive!"

He sat at the edge of the bed. "I am here now. Don't cry."

She touched his face. She was scared that he would disappear once she touches him. But the feel of his warm skin on her fingers was nice. "You are alive!"


"You didn't die. D-Did Walter hurt you?" She gripped his shoulder. "Where did Walter shot you?"

"You took the bullet for me, Callea, " he said in a sad voice.

She shook her head. "But I heard another gunshot."

Deive pr

r hurting you, Deive. Other people might be laughing at you now. Your friends…"

He kissed her lips. "You are forgiven. And I don't care about other people's opinion. I accept you for who you are. J-Just tone down your scare tactics with the kids. Save it for Halloween parties."

She laughed a bit even if it hurts. "H-How about our engagement party?"

"It won't push through, of course. Canceled."

She felt sad. He had forgiven her but he didn't want to marry her anymore. "You don't love me anymore?"

"Of course, I love you, silly." He touched the tip of her nose. "How would our engagement party push through if you are still hurting. And besides, I don't want an engagement party."

"What do you want?"

He retrieved a maroon box from his pocket and opened it. Inside was a pyramid cut diamond ring. "Just marry me. I can't wait to have you in my life."

She pressed her lips on his. "Yes!"

Tears welled in her eyes as he put the ring on her finger. The diamond sparkled in the light. More than the diamond, it was Deive who made her heart sing. She wouldn't want to be Mrs. Deive Hontiveros.

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