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   Chapter 84 Tomorrow would be too soon

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"IS IT delicious?" Walter asked while she Callea was eating the corn soup and bread he prepared. There was also pork chop. "I cooked that. I want to serve you, my queen."

The corn soup was right out of the packet. And the bread was a bit old but it would do. The pork chop was burnt and the rice was not cooked enough. She was hungry. She would even eat it even if the bread had molds. She needed all her energy to stand this torture. She kept on eating and just not a bit to recognize him. She wanted him to believe that she was pliant.

"Mama told me to forget about you. But I can't do that to the most beautiful woman I've seen. I know you miss me. I don't want you to miss me that much, Callea. We belong together."

She tried her best not to gag while listening to his praises and his delusions. He didn't need her to speak. All he wanted was to see her. He had his own world and it revolves around her beauty.

She felt the rice god sculpture under her pillow. It was displayed at the shelf with books. She was looking for weapons when she noticed it. She was just looking for the right opportunity to use it.

"We are leaving tomorrow. We will to our hacienda in Masbate. You will like it there. You will meet my parents."

"I want to meet them." Callea smiled with trembling lips. She must act fast. Tomorrow would be too soon. She didn't know what else he would do to her. What if he would drug her and she couldn't fight him anymore?

His eyes sparkled. "Great. Then I will prepare for our wedding." Then he walked towards the window while he was discussing his wedding plans. She let him dream. If his defenses were down, she would get the chance to escape. She just hoped that he was not thinking what was on her mind at the moment.

"There's s

in their direction. "You can't take Callea away from me, " he screamed then a gunshot ricochet in the air.

She automatically hugged Deive. There was nothing more important to her than protecting him. She felt something hot penetrated her back. Her breath hitched when she felt the heat starting to sear, a pressure she couldn't make out of. Then she felt something wet flowing on her back then the pain started to penetrate her senses.

"Callea!" Deive shouted and caught her body before she fell. Her consciousness was starting to darken. All she could see was Deive's face. "Hang in there! Don't give up. You will be fine."

"Deive!" she uttered his name.

"C-Callea?" she heard Walter coming towards them. His voice was becoming louder and louder as he repeated her name. She just saw him standing in front of them, tears were flowing in his eyes and there was disbelief. "I-I hurt you."

She tightly held Deive's hand. She looked at Walter, her eyes pleading. "That's enough, Walter. Stop. Let me go. You hurt me enough. Stop hurting me."

Maybe she would die. Maybe he would kill Deive so they could be together. As she closed her eyes, she heard a loud bang.

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