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   Chapter 83 I am not crazy

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Callea fell on the bed. She felt a ringing in her ears and her face was numb from the impact of his palm. Then he clutched her shoulder and pulled her up. "You are an evil woman because you don't love me. After everything I did for you, how could you hurt me this way."

She gave him a death glare and cupped her own face. She felt the pain shot at the side of her lips. She touched it and saw blood on her fingers.

She suddenly calmed herself. She shouldn't have let her emotions get the better of her. She was dealing with a deranged man. He has the tendency to be violent. He was not afraid of anything and anyone. And a deranged man with money to burn made it worse.

His face became soft again when he saw her wound. "You got hurt. I am sorry, Callea."

Tear brimmed his eyes. The wolf suddenly became a sheep. She hit his hand when he tried to take a look at her wound. "Don't you dare touch me?"

"Are you mad? I didn't mean to hurt you, Callea. You just pushed me." He stepped down the bed while pulling his hair in anguish. "I am so stupid! I hurt Callea. I hurt Callea." She shrieked when he bumps his own he

ybe her family knew that she was gone. But could they track her? Will they find her location?

She walked towards the window and tried to get a view on what's outside. She could make out the garden below that looked larger than Villa Celesta. Beyond that, all she could see were acres of field. There were no lights to indicate that they had neighbors nearby. Nobody could hear them. Like what Walter said, it was just the two of them.

She didn't want to wait for help anymore. She didn't even know if it was coming. The longer she stayed there, the longer her life would be endangered. She must find a way.

She wanted to go back to her family. She wanted to be with Deive again… if he still wanted her.

She just needed to get back alive.

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