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   Chapter 82 Play it nice.

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Updated: 2019-11-19 23:26

MALAYSIAN mums. That was the first time Callea saw when she opened her eyes. Only to realize that they were painted on the ceiling of the room. She tried to get up. Her head was buzzing yet she remembered that Walter tricked her to ride a car that was identical to her cousins' then kidnapped her. She sat up on the bet which has Malaysian mum petals scattered over it.

She fearfully pressed her back to the headboard of the bed when she saw Walter seating at the couch near the bed. He didn't take his eyes on her when he stood and crouch on the side of the bed

Callea hugged herself as if it was enough to protect her from the devil. "W-What have you done to me?" She was still wearing her dress but she didn't know what he did to her while she was asleep.

"Nothing. I just took your pictures." He showed her photos in his digital camera. "You know that I can't hurt you, Callea. I just admired your beauty. I am so happy to finally get images of you while you were sleeping and this close. You are beautiful still."

She sent a prayer of thanks that he didn't harm her while she was out. But she was still not safe. She was still kidnapped by this lunatic. "W-Where are we?" she bravely asked.

"We are here a

o hurt her. She was your friend. But she stopped us from being together. She deserved it. Now, no one can stop our love."

She pushed away his hand when he tried to touch her. Then she slapped his face. "You are evil. You have no right to kill my friend. You have to right to ruin my life. I will never love someone like you."

She felt like her heart would burst when she remembered how he stabbed her friend repeatedly. Without mercy. Without remorse. And he would tell her that he did the right thing?

If only she had a knife, she would have killed him. She wanted to kill him.

"Stop it, Callea, " he commanded in a soft voice.

"No. Stop your illusion that I will love you. Even if you kill me now, I will never love you."

"I said stop it!" he screamed when she felt a strong slap on her cheek.

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