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   Chapter 81 Hell Again

Moonlight Bride By Sofia Characters: 3050

Updated: 2019-11-19 23:25

Callea offered a prayer to the tomb of her great grandmother and great grandfather at the underground cemetery. She was disheartened because she wished to have an eternal love like theirs and it won't happen anymore. She found the love of her life but she had to push him away. And now, she was thrust back to the world of darkness.

Deive didn't try to contact her or show himself up these past few days. Marina asked her if they had a fight but she shut her mouth. She decided to cancel the engagement party and she didn't offer any explanation except she was not ready.

She was pretty sure that Deive was fuming mad at her right now. She just changed her mind about the engagement. He was probably having a hard time explaining why their engagement party didn't push through. She didn't know if he already talked to her family. She hasn't received any messages from them asking why the event won't push thro

htmare and she knew what he was capable of doing despite his kind face. She didn't notice that he was at the driver's seat because the glass was tinted. How careless of her. She let her guard down.

She panicked and tried to open the door but it was power locked. He swiftly covered her nose with a fabric soaked in a chemical with a strong smell. She tried to fight him off but the chloroform started to take effect. She started to feel heady and her eyes began to droop.

Before she closed her eyes, she saw the devil's face grinning at her. Right there and then, she knew that she was in hell again.

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