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   Chapter 80 She must turn into a monster

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Updated: 2019-11-19 23:24

"MAMA!" A young girl in Queen Elsa costume cried as she runs to her mother in tears. She had a staring contest with Callea whose head was covered but the black cult robe that she was wearing. She also had her red contact lens on that made her look more menacing. Yes, she looked like a monster.

She was sitting under the huge tree of a garden where the birthday party was held. Everyone was enjoying but she was sulking there alone. It was as if she was in a different world. No one wanted to come near her. She was a sore thumb in that happy party. Even Deive's friends didn't want to come near her. And her victims were the little kids who were curious with her and wanted to know what Disney or anime character she was only to send them running away in fear.

She removed the hood of her robe when a boy in Iron Man costume walked towards her. His eyes bulged when he saw her black lips and her eyes outlined by dark mascara and eyeliner. When she made her eyes bigger that made her red eyes sparkle, he ran away while crying for his mother.

Deive walked towards here with glasses of juice in both hands and followed the running kid. "O! Why is the kid crying?"

"He was curious with my face. Let's say that I satisfied with curiosity."

He sighed and sat beside her. "Callea, what's wrong? Don't you like parties and kids or are you not feeling well?"

She grinned and sipped the juice. "No. I am actually having fun."

"You are terrorizing the kids. What if they get a fever because you scare them or they fall and get hurt?" he asked in a worried voice. "And why are you wearing a cult priestess robe in a children's party?"

"It is cold today. The dress you had chosen for me is short and thin."

"And the makeup?"

"This is a costume party, right? Someone has to be a

am fit for a lifetime with you. It seems idealistic and romantic at first. We will fight for each other and we won't let each other go. But it simply won't work. There will be other parties and people would treat you like you are crazy. You will hate me in the long run. Let's just cut it off."

He let out a sigh. "I don't get you, Callea. This might be wedding jitters or whatever. But your reasons are too shallow for me to back out. I will give you time."

"NO! Let's end this here, Deive. I am thankful for the good things that you did for me. I just want to be alone… forever."

She turned her back on him and ran to her room. "Callea, wait! Let's talk."

She didn't listen and she didn't look back even if her heart was yearning for him. She loved him. She wanted to change herself for him. But Walter won't stop until he possessed her and her beauty.

She must turn into a monster so Walter won't bother her anymore. But she must sacrifice her love for Deive if she wanted to keep him alive.

She didn't want to lose another one close to her heart. She would rather get hurt than see Deive die. He must live so her heart would keep on beating even without him in her life.

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