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   Chapter 79 I have my ways

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Updated: 2019-11-19 23:21

CALLEA was humming while wrapping the gift for the birthday of Deive's goddaughter. Finally, people won't say that he would be an eternal bachelor. He said that he would introduce her to everyone and he would be the envy of all men.

Her mind was at peace after her cousin confirmed that Walter was still inside the mental institution. He was not well and a psychotic so it was highly unlikely that he would be out anytime soon. But just to confirm, her cousin promised to go to Cambodia himself to check on Walter.

Her worry lessened. She was starting to live a normal life. She still loved to don her costume but only inside the mansion. People were not wary of her anymore. Maybe they were used to seeing her in her great grandmother's ancient blouse and skirt when going to church. Deive makes sure to bring her to church himself. Maybe they thought if someone as gorgeous as Deive accepted her, then she was not bad at all.

Her cellphone rang and she answered it without bothering to check who the caller was. "Hello!"

She had been waiting for Deive's call. He would fetch her tomorrow for the birthday party in Manila

ll over again. Another blood in her hands. Another loved one gone. "W-Why don't you leave me alone?"

"I want your beauty, Callea. I can't get your face out of my head. You will be mine. I won't stop until you are mine. You know what I am capable of. Nothing and no one can stop me, my love."

She heard her devilish laugh once again. She cut off the call and turned off the cellphone. She looked at herself in the mirror. She grabbed a blanket and covered it. She didn't want to see her own face. The devil went back for that beautiful face. He would ruin her life again and he had just threatened Deive. And she would rather die than let anymore hurt him.

She didn't know how Walter would get caught. She must protect Deive… in any way she can.

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