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   Chapter 78 I will go the honeymoon

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Updated: 2019-11-19 23:20

"I DON'T really know what I want!" Callea wailed. She and Pipay where browsing designs for the gown that she wanted to wear for her engagement party. It was less than a month before the event and there was no final design for the gown yet.

"How about you dis the engagement party and marry the guy right away?"

"Do you think that is okay?" Callea asked her friend with a grin.

She could imagine herself wearing the wedding gown with Deive waiting for her at the altar. The idea of wearing his diamond right in front of the high society who didn't care much about them had no appeal to her. It was their grandfathers' idea.

"If it is me, I will go the honeymoon right away so it will feel like heaven." Pipay hugged herself and closed her eyes. "Oh, Deive. I like that. Harder. Love me harder. Go for the gold."

She tapped Pipay's forehead. "Hey! That's my boyfriend you are having carnal thoughts about and he is straight, mamsh."

"Don't selfish." She grinned. "Share your blessings."

Callea gave her a threatening glare. "Behave or I will ask let sexy women to tie you and have their way with you. Like a curse to turn you into a real man…"

"That's really mean, Callea. I can't imagine. It gives me creeps, " Pipay said with a grimace and decided to suggest another design. She was torn between what society likes and what she wants.

Aling Poling walked towards them with a bouquet of flowers. "Señorita, there's a delivery for you."

Their caretaker gave her a bouquet of Malaysian mums and an envelope. Pipay took the flowers from her and inhaled the scent. "Ahhhh! Deive really loves me."

She just laughed at her frien

an mums. Someone was bothering her, following her every move.

She watched the thing burn. She didn't know how long she stood there until everything turned to ash. She didn't feel cleansed. She returned to the house and Pipay was not there anymore. She would explain to her friend and apologize but there was a more pressing issue she must address first.

She called up her cousin, Torque, who was in Bangkok for a conference for agri innovation. "Kuya, can you check on Walter?" She tightened her hold on her cellphone. Her lips trembled while she was fighting the swelling fear that threatened to engulf her. "J-Just check on him, please. If you have to go Phnom Penh just to make sure he is still in the asylum, just do it."

"Callea, tell me what's wrong."

She breathed deeply. "Just call me with the updates. This is really important." Then she said her goodbyes.

She didn't want to be paranoid and she didn't want the people around her to panic either. But this was no joke. Until her cousin hasn't seen Walter inside the mental institution himself, she won't have a peace of mind.

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