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"Callea, you crazy witch. I can't believe you finally have a love life. You didn't show your self for a long time and now you are getting married. That's not so fair."

Carina, Callea's friend was ranting at the top of her lungs while inside the coffee shop. She had not seen her college friend for a long time. She decided to meet up and personally invite her to the party. According to Deive, it was time to reconnect with old friends. She had a lot of catching up to do. She found out that some of her friends already have families and others were abroad.

"I thought you will morn for Luna forever, " said Jane. "So, is your boyfriend yummy?"

"Do you think I will choose someone who's not?" she teased and laughed heartily.

For a long time, she had hidden herself to the world. She could now go out in her normal clothes and without makeup. She still wears costumes when writing. She didn't need to hide anymore and ward off people because someone accepted him and appreciated her. By removing her mask and stepping out of the light she was ready to face the ghost of her past. She would try her best to fight her weakness.

She showed her photos with Deive during Hontiveros Coco's party and even their photos during their cosplay and book signing. They squealed with delight.

"Wow! You are a winner in love and in life. I never thought you'd get this far. This is amazing, " said Jane.

"Thank you."

"He is like your prince, " Carina purred. "I am so jealous. I wish I could trade my husband to yours. Why did I have to get drunk and fuck a stranger when I was in college? My husband is only handsome when I am drunk."

"But he

d photo taken at the cafe with her friends while she was drinking coffee. There was an I miss you caption below. It had a stalker-ish vibe and her senses told her that there was something off.

"Wow! How sweet! Your boyfriend sent it?" asked Jane.

She looked around. Deive was not there. She went out of the coffee shop to check if Deive's car was parked outside. When she didn't see it, she called him up. "Deive, where are you?"

"Trapped here at EDSA Santolan. There's a collision here. I don't know what time I will arrive in Makati."

"It's okay. Thanks for the flowers and the picture. I love it. I don't know how you did it though…" Maybe he hired someone to take photos of her happy times with her friends or to tell her that he's just beside her even if they are apart.

"Flowers? Pictures? I don't know about that…"

Of course, he would deny it. "Basta! I love you, Deive! I will see you in a bit. My friends are excited to see you."

She felt like she was floating on air when she went back to her friends. Deive was indeed the sweetest soul. She was excited to say, "I do".

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