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   Chapter 76 Do you think I will replace you

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Updated: 2019-11-19 23:17

"Deive, you are mine!" Rubie pulled Deive's nape and kissed him. More live shoving her mouth to his.

The devil. She has no right to kiss Deive after her lies nearly ruined him. And it must be a trap again to take him back. Deive was hers now. He protected her and it was now time to protect and claim what was hers.

"Excuse me!" she yelled and march towards them.

"What! Can't you see that we are busy here?" Rubie shrieked. While Deive was staring at her with wide eyes. He didn't even blink, as if she was an apparition. She wanted to wipe the lipstick on his lips.

"Well, the lipstick shade doesn't look good on you, " she said while shaking her head. She grabbed tissue on one of the tables nearby and dabbed it to his lips. "I am sure your lips will be itchy if we don't clean this up right away."

"What? Who the heck are you?" said Rubie and grabbed her wrist. "One of Deive's admirers? If she doesn't like me, he won't like you either. He wants that lunatic girlfriend of his. You have to look like a bloody vampire or a she-wolf for him to like you."

"Callea!" Deive took her wrist back from Rubie and kissed it. "What took you so long? I am so worried."


"I know, " she said. "Good thing I am here or else she will create a scene to ruin you."

"And you showed your face. I thought you will wear a veil again or something to hide your beauty."

Callea sighed at looked up. "Well, there's nothing to be afraid of. You are here to protect me. I trust you with my life now, Deive. It is not easy to change and be normal. You see, I am trying to reclaim my place in this world and live without fear like any normal girl. I don't want to hide in the dark anymore. And during our wedding, I want you to see this face when you lift the veil."

"I love that, Callea." He took her in his arms and swiftly claimed her lips. The cold wind blew and Deive cradled her in his arms to shield her from chills. "Let's set the engagement party."

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