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   Chapter 75 I can give you the world

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"KUYA TORQUE, do I look okay?" Callea asked her cousin who was driving. They were on their way to a boutique hotel where the anniversary of Hontiveros Coco Company would be held.

"Uhmmm!" he moaned then nodded.

She poked her cousin's arm. "Kuya, please give me a proper answer. Do you think I look proper for the party?"

She put her palm on her chest to calm her erratic heart. She was not sure if Deive would like her. Her make up was light. She has donned a light yellow muslin gown with a light brown bolero with printed orange flower. Her hair was swept to one side and she curled the end. She had a single jeweled earring. She looked like an Indian princess.

She hoped it was presentable enough because it was her first time to appear in public as Deive's girlfriend.

"What do you want me to say? You are like a defective CD that keeps on repeating herself. You spent four years in your room changing your clothes and redoing your make up, " her cousin berated in an irritated tone.

"That doesn't make me feel any better."

"You are beautiful in my eyes. You are my cousin."

She just rolled her eyes when she saw her cousin smiled a little. Of course, he adored her and even if he looked like a zombie, he would say she was beautiful. But how about the high society? She should have consulted Deive first but he asked her to surprise him and charm him.

She clung to her cousin's arm as they entered the ballroom of the hotel. Everythi

lly. She looked very much pregnant. Yet she still looked elegant in her red Greecian gown. Who is she is Deive's life?

"Guard your tongue, Rubie. Callea is not a lunatic! Eccentrically beautiful but she's not crazy, " Deive defended. "Stop forcing yourself to me and using that child of yours to trap me. We both know I didn't even touch you."

"You really want to destroy yourself than choose me, do you? A ghost of a woman living in a haunted house is a better choice than me? I can give you the world, Deive." The woman circled him. "Come to think of it. If you will marry her, you will be a pariah in the society. They don't take kindly to weirdos. It will affect your family's business even if you are not a part of it anymore. The clients will think that your kids would be lunatic, too. How would they deal with that." Rubie stopped in front of him and played with his tie. "But if you will marry me, you can clean your name. I will make you happy and richer."

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