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   Chapter 74 Not My Idea

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Updated: 2019-11-18 22:33

THE chat and questions from Callea's readers were unlimited. Her hand hurt from signing and she was parched from talking to them but she didn't mind. She didn't even feel hungry until her stomach growled and Deive had to remind her to eat and drink at least. She realized that she missed talking to different people. Their energy rubbed off her. It was contagious. She felt like they know each other for a long, long time thru her stories.

Even Marina enjoyed the event. Nobody minded if she was a hunchback. Fans were excited to take a picture with her. She had many friends and others offered to create a social media account for her since she didn't have one. There was even a Facebook page dedicated to her. When they found out that the character was based on her and she was not a cosplayer, they were even envious of her that Marina found weird. But her friend had that newly found confidence.

"Thank you for coming, Callea, " Mattheu said and kissed her cheek.

They were waiting for dinner at a restaurant in mall of Asia. The function room was reserved for them. It was a long, tiring day but it was worth it.

"No, Sir. I should be the one thankful.This cosplay idea is brilliant."

"You are not mad?"

"At first because this is not something that I asked for. I came here on false pretense and I was trapped. But later on, I can't say no. I was on a costume so is everyone. These readers didn't only buy my

l. They need to connect with people who understand them. You need people who understand you. A lot of people love you so you don't have to be afraid to take a risk."

She remembered the readers she talked to. Their smile was real. They may be cosplaying but the camaraderie and the love couldn't be easily faked. Even Marina was not afraid to show her real identity. She helped her to be accepted but she was afraid of herself. "Looking at them makes me want to be a normal person. I want to walk into the light and be comfortable with my own skin."

"Do you really want to?"

She slowly nodded. "I want to but I am scared. I know it won't be easy."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "No one is rushing you. Do it on your own pace. Even a cocoon cannot be rushed to be a beautiful butterfly. I will be here to wait until you are ready to fly."

"Then be patient with me, Deive." She knew that nothing was impossible when they were together.

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