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   Chapter 73 Just A Cosplay

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Updated: 2019-11-19 22:30

"I can't. I didn't sign up for this, " Callea seethed. "You said it is just cosplay."

"Yes. A cosplay dedicated for your brilliance. These people came here for you. They spent money for your books and they invested their money and time in their costumes just to show how much they love you. They want to talk to you a bit and see you sign their books. Is a little thank you very much too much for you? Do you want to disappoint them?"

She gulped nervously. "I wish it is easy, Deive."

"Callea, you are in your costume. You are here as Xylara. Nobody would know that you are Callea Lopez, " he whispered.

"What if they want to see my face?"

"All of us are in costume. Even Mattheu. Come on. If you don't want to do this, you can tell him yourself."

"I-I can't do this alone, " she whispered and she wanted to cry as they walk the labyrinth of booths for the book signing. She was starting to become dizzy.

"I won't leave you. We won't leave you. I know you are scared and you might hate me for putting you on the spot. But if you won't conquer your fear now, how long will you live inside your dark world? I want you to know that there are people here who love you so much and admire you for your talent. I will be by your side. I won't leave you. Trust me."

Callea tightened her grip on Deive. People were buzzing around her and giving admiring looks in her direction. They don't know it was her. They thought she was just a

s of Raja Makisig Regalia, Lolo Jorje who was wearing a pirate head costume and Deive's friends as his minions. But Deive's friends were too gorgeous to be villains. A story was forming in her head. She wanted them for her next series. And she nearly cried when she saw Marina who had Luna in her arms. No, she didn't need a costume. She was a heroine in her book. And she didn't look scared. She was loved, too, the way people loved her in her book.

It was a solid force. These are the people who loved her and supported her. It was overwhelming.

Luna jumped out of Marina's arms and ran to the stage. Then she climbed to the table before she settled near her. "Calliope's Luna is also here. The cast is complete, " squealed the audience in front who were waiting for their turn for the book signing and took pictures of her cat.

She signed her book and happiness burst in her heart. This was her day. And no one can take that happiness away from her.

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