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   Chapter 72 Xylara, The Mysterious Author

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"What took you so long?" Callea complained as Deive get off the car. "I am bored here waiting for you."

Torque left with Marina and Luna for a joy ride. Her cousin wanted her friends to go someplace else. While she was left at Villa Celesta alone. She also wanted to leave the villa for a while and see new sights. It has been a long time since she left Nagcarlan. Her destination was always Villa Celesta and the mansion. It was starting to become a bore. But she wanted a place that has no people around. She just wanted the view and nature.

"Do you want to attend a cosplay event?"

"Cosplay?" She clasped her hands and she saw stars as she thinks about people wearing different costumes. It didn't matter who they were because they were in character. They were not obliged to show their real self. What's important is they could represent the character well and could show their creative side. "I love that."

"There's a cosplay event in SM Mall of Asia. It is still early. We can get there on time." It was eight-thirty in the morning.

"As in right now?" She didn't know what to do. She was excited. It was her first time to attend that kind of event. She wanted to ask her cousins to bring her to those kinds of events before but they were killjoy. They said that it was only for teenagers. She ran inside the mansion to change into a co

hanging above the escalator and the entrance to the convention center. Xylara's Book Signing.

She blinked several times. That was her pen name unless there was another Xylara she was not aware of.

She looked around the convention center's lobby once more. All of the cosplayers were wearing her character's costume. Some were even holding copies of her graphic novels. The event was for her. Exclusively for her.

She felt trapped. She would be forced to talk to all those people. Strangers. A lot of strangers had come to see her. They were taking each other's photos and for sure they would take her pictures, too. What if they insist to see her face? What if they tried to hurt her? No. She couldn't do this.

She started running out of breath then stepped back. What would she do with those people?

Deive blocked her with his body before she could retreat some more. "Stay, Callea."

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