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   Chapter 71 Is he your suitor

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Her lips pressed together. They already agreed to maintain her air of mystery. But her boss wanted her to join the bandwagon that writers must engage with readers either online or in person. "I want to remain incognito. I am sorry, boss."

She bowed her head and she watched as her hand trembled on her lap. She didn't want to face people. She didn't know how to face tons of people without being afraid. In a book signing, she must look normal and interact like a normal person. She heard stories of how her boss makeover his writers to look the celebrity part.  It means showing her face to the public. Looking pretty again.

No way. She won't do that anymore.

He smiled sadly. "You can't blame a man for trying. I hope you will think about it, Callea. This incognito is starting to get old. Without engagement or presence in public, it would be a matter of time before your readers look for someone with a reachable branding. Someone they could talk to. Someone…. real."

Her head was still bowed down until Mattheu said his goodbyes. Marina showed her out. She didn't know who long she had been looking at her shaking hands while pondering the prospect of meeting people and her career on the line.


She whined and closed her eyes. "Deive, you know I am not used to interacting with people especially to strangers."

"Why don't you try?"

She opened her eyes. "No. I don't want to be with a lot of people. I feel bare and vulnerable." She shooked her head and stood up. "I won't go. They should be satisfied to see my works. That's all I can share with them."

When she met Deieve's eyes, there was a challenge there. In the end, he just sighed. "Okay. I won't force you if you don't want to." He pecks a kiss on her forehead. "What else food did your publisher bring?"

She just smiled and called for Marina. But she didn't miss the sadness in Deive's eyes. Maybe he was frustrated that she wanted to hide from the world. She hoped that he would be patient with her and won't let her go.

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