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   Chapter 70 Boss Is Here

Moonlight Bride By Sofia Characters: 4100

Updated: 2019-11-19 22:27

CALLEA'S eyebrows were drawn together as she walked down the living room. She had been trying to recover from the days she had to entertain Deive's grandfather and her own family and she wanted to catch up with work. Surprisingly, she got along just fine with Don Jorje. He liked old jazz and her piano pieces. He was also into history so they had a lot to discuss. He asked her to visit him in Manila.

She thought she could have a peaceful time for herself since Deive went to the field to help out Torque with harvesting vegetables. He needed to impress her cousin. And since Lee is a financial analyst, he would ask for his help on business as well.

She didn't expect any visitors coming for her. Then she saw who was sitting on the sofa. It was her publisher, Mattheu Segundo. She noticed a black box on the middle of the mahogany center table. She had a bad feeling about this.

He came towards her as she reached the landing. "Finally! I thought you have no plans to see me. How's my most bankable graphic novelist?" he asked and kissed the back of her hand.

Her boss was a handsome and dashing man. A dreamboat for most women. He was a member of Stallion Island Riding and Leisure Club like her cousins where onl

allea." Mattheu's voice sent her back to the present.

"What is it, boss?"

He greased her with a vintage Japanese horror book and a matcha crepe cake. She was ready to listen. Her boss was a wolf. Pretending to be grandma until he shows his fangs. And she knew that she couldn't say no.

"I want you to attend our book signing."

Only the clatter of the fork could be heard when Callea dropped it on the saucer. She didn't answer right away and kept on eating. She drank the juice while she observed the expectation in her boss' eyes as he watched her. "I am afraid it is a no, boss."

"But many fans are looking for you. These are loyal followers, Callea. You know, engagement is a big deal nowadays. They are hungry for your presence. I am sure your sales will go up the roof once you attend the event."

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