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   Chapter 69 What Gives Her Away

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Updated: 2019-11-19 22:25

"What?" Callea's eyes widened. He knew. Is she too transparent? What gives her away?

When she looked at him, she gasped because his face was an inch from hers. She couldn't move and she couldn't escape his gaze. He had no plans to let her escape from her feelings. From him.

How would she reply to that? He dropped a bomb and she had no idea how to answer him. And she couldn't divert her gaze away from him or he would think that she was really in love with him.

She couldn't move because he knew what would happen next. He was about to kiss her and she couldn't say no to him. She couldn't stay away. After the roller coaster emotions, she experienced that day, all she wanted was to be enveloped in his arms and taste his lips again.

She closed her eyes while holding her breath. She could feel her heart beating wildly. Maybe if he'd kiss her, she'd admit that she was in love with him. Just one kiss and she could forget about the rest of the world. Even her cousin's ridiculous rules.

He smoothed her lower lip with his thumb. She opened her lips when air rushed into her lungs. He leaned in close and brushed her lips over hers. Just what she needed but she wanted more.

The kiss was starting to become hotter when he suddenly pulled away from her. "What's wrong?

odds. I am here to hold your hand so you won't be alone in the dark. And if you decide to step into the light, I still want to hold your hand. So that when the light blinds you, I am here to tell you that it is okay."

"That is an immense task, you know. My life was not simple. I went through a lot. I have so many fears that I can't confide in you yet."

They were so dreadful; she didn't want to rehash them yet. She was not strong enough to face her fears.

"It's okay." He pinched her chin. "Marine told me that you haven't confided much in her either. I am not forcing you to tell your story, Callea. I will patiently wait for that day that you will trust me enough."

"Thank you." She'll work on her fear. She didn't want to live in the dark forever. And all she needed was Deive's patience and understanding. She had to tell him someday.

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