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   Chapter 68 Why did you choose me

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"Oh, Luna likes you, " she concluded and let out a giggle. "She just wants you to pet him. I thought you are getting along just fine. After all, she betrayed me for you."

"Look. I can be nice to your cat as long as he won't come near me. She gives me goosebumps every time she rubs her body on me.  I don't really like cats. I am more used to women…"

"What?" she asked and her face darkened.

"Nothing, " he said then let out a laugh that sounded so awkward.

"Come on. Finish what you started. You prefer it if other women would rub themselves on you? Cling to you like snakes?" she interrogated and pointed her finger at him. If he would mention other women again, she would ask Luna to scratch him. Even if she was the most special woman in his life, she couldn't help but feel insecure about the woman who was vocal in showing affections to him like Lindsye.

"Nothing. I said I will concentrate on this file, " he said then waved his cellphone.

"Your Kuya Torque's rules and regulation."

RULES and regulation? That was not new. As the eldest Lopez among cousins, Torque was a stickler for rules. He had to because he had to run the household at such a young age. He had to act like a parent to Lee and his two younger sisters. And he was thankful for that because he served as a guide and model even to her.

, he would rather live with the penguins of South Pole than be with her.

Funny how he got used to her horrific taste. It was normal for him to see her wearing dresses with fake blood while playing the piano. And she was used to hearing him say that she was pretty even without makeup.

"I am just wondering, your grandfather offered to help you with business. You don't have to marry me. Problem solved. You don't have to sacrifice anything. Why did you decide to stay with me?"

He gazed at her. "Why did you choose me even if you will lose Villa Celesta?"

She didn't expect that he'd throw the question back. She twiddled with her fingers and looked up at the sky.  "Well… I asked the question first."  She was not ready to confess her feelings for him. The realization was still fresh and she didn't know how he would feel about it.

"I think you are in love with me."

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