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   Chapter 67 Did I Give You A Hard Time

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Updated: 2019-11-19 22:22

"GOODNIGHT, Lolo." Callea kissed her grandfather's forehead. She brought tea to his room and made sure that he took his medicine. While in Villa Callea, she was his nurse. It was past ten in the evening and he had just finished having a chat with her cousins.

"Callea, please don't play the piano this midnight and please turn off your scary sound effects. I don't want to scare our visitor. Jorje hasn't warmed up to you yet. Even your Kuya Lee was very sensitive to sounds. A little rustle and he would have a panic attack. And he is scared of ghosts, " her grandfather instructed.

"Yes, Lolo. I won't work tonight because I will bring Don Jorje to the underground cemetery tomorrow."

Deive convinced his grandfather to stay in Villa Celesta for a couple more days so he would get to know her. The real her. She would be his tourist guide tomorrow and would even cook for him. Deive wanted to show his grandfather that despite her weird character, she had a good heart and simply perfect for Deive.

"Did I give you a hard time, hija? I feel like I failed you as a grandfather. I want you to marry a man who is practically a stranger. I want you to change you


He nodded. His eyes were kinder now. "Go to my grandson. I think he is having an argument with your cat. Again."

"SHOO! SHOO! Go away, Luna. You are one annoying cat. Leave me alone."

Callea ran when she heard Deive's ranting. He was under the acacia tree and waiting for her. He was having a war with her cat again. The first time they met, they were like sworn enemies. And Deive was always a victim of Luna's vicious attacks.

"Luna! Deive! What's going on?" she asked with her arms akimbo. Luna ran to her and she took the cat in her arms. She was mewling as if asking for her help. "Deive?"

"I am not abusing your cat or anything. She's the one who  keeps rubbing her body on me." He sounded irritated as he brushed off cat hair from his cotton pants.

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