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   Chapter 66 I object!

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But Deive smiled confidently. "Yes, Lolo. Now that Callea is beside me, I can do anything. And I don't want to lose her now more than ever. There's more in Callea than meets the eye. I don't like her at first. But the more I get to know her, the more I realize how shallow I am. That a person could be beautiful even without makeup. Or she could be good even if she's physically imperfect. And a person can live simply and be happy about it. I think she's more precious than money. She's a rare find jewel."

Her eyes became misty. That's the most beautiful she had ever heard about her. Deive treasured her more than his dreams. She thought she had already found him out but she was wrong. He surprised her. He was her partner. Someone who would stay for better or for worse. He didn't allow her to be alone in their fight.

"He is a man of character. I like him, " her grandfather praised with a smile. His grandfather's dream finally came true. He wanted a man who would take care of her. And surprisingly, someone who accepts her for what she is.

"Not bad, Hontiveros, " said Lee and gave him a thumbs up.

"Well, I am not impressed, " Torque contradicted and focused his eyes on her. "Callea, will you still marry Deive even if you won't get Villa Celesta?"

up to Deive. We have to be clear about that. If he wants you, he has to prove that he changed his ways.

Callea groaned. She didn't understand her cousin. He was treating her like a mindless teenager who couldn't take care of herself and couldn't make decisions on her own.

"Kuya, you are such a killjoy, " said Lee who scratched his head. He was also a victim of his strict bother. They were orphaned at a young age and Torque became their father figure. Torque was more strict than their grandfather.

Deive gave her a thumbs up. It looked like he was not bothered by whatever her cousin had in store for him. After all, passed the toughest test with flying colors. Perhaps he could use his charm on her cousin.

Love. It felt good to fall in love. It felt good to love Deive.

She hoped that he would tell her that he loved her.

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