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   Chapter 65 Can you live with nothing

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"Deive, your vacation is over. Thank your hosts for taking care of you, " Don Jorje ordered in a tone that couldn't be opposed.

"You can't just call off the agreement, Lolo!" Deive argued and stood up. "After everything I went through with Callea, you will just treat the deal as if it's worthless?"

"Is this about your business? I will back you up. I will give you all the financial help you need. Your days here are already an ordeal. I want to teach you a lesson but I also want you to have a good life. You don't have to marry Thomasino's granddaughter."

Deive would finally get his dreams. His grandfather was now handling him on a single platter. She was happy for him even if the failure was on her side. She wanted to bawl her eyes out. Not because she won't get the mansion but she was about to lose him. The reality was like a kick on her solar plexus. She couldn't breathe because she had to control her tears. She didn't know if she could watch him go.

She gasped when Deive stood in front of her and held her hand. "I am staying here with Callea."

She lifted her head. He didn't want to leave? "Deive?"

The determination was etched on his face. "I still want to marry her."

Callea was on a quandary. Why would he still marry he

ould just let her go. It was a no-brainer. All he needed to do was walk away. And Callea must accept the truth even if it hurts a lot. Even if she would end up alone again.

She had to let him go.

She pulled his hand away from him but Deive only tightened his hold. "There are other ways to get that money, Lolo. I can always start from scratch as you did. You came from nothing. You and Lola (grandmother) were not originally rich. You just strived hard until you build Hontiveros Coco."

"And I promised that no one in my family would be poor, " his grandfather said through gritted teeth. "I was used to living in poverty, Deive. You grew up in an affluent lifestyle. Can you live with nothing?"

It was a huge challenge. What does Deive know about living a simple life? He didn't know how to cook or use an ax to chop wood.

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