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   Chapter 64 The deal is off

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Updated: 2019-11-19 22:18

CALLEA blew her clasped hands. The sun was blistering hot on the outside but inside the mansion's living room it was freezing as if winter crept on the whole room. She felt like her blood turned into icicles. Don Jorje and her grandfather, Lolo Tomasino, were inside the library. They were discussing her future with Deive and she had no choice but to clutch the skirt of her dress in frustration.

Her cousins went home for the upcoming death anniversary of their parents who were buried in Nagcarlan. It was still a couple of weeks away but they wanted to prepare for the event. Same with her grandfather who wanted to check up on Deive.

She looked at Deive who was on the other side of the sofa. His eyes were sad when their eyes when they met hers.  As if he was awaiting their impending doom. She forced a smile even if her eyes mirrored the sadness in his eyes. Between them seated her cousin, Torque, who had his arms crosses over his chest. Her cousin served as their guard so she and Deive won't as much as touch. They couldn't even talk.

They averted each other's gaze when Torque cleared his throat. "I don't know why Lolo would risk

Lolo, " Callea apologized and bowed her head. She failed her grandfather. He only begged her to be a normal one but she didn't deliver. He wanted to change her character and pretend to the world. At the end of the day, they must accept that she could never be that girl.

And Deive won't have her any other way either. He appreciated the real her. It was sad that Deive would be taken away from her after he finally accepted her. Why is this happening now when she couldn't stand being alone in the darkness anymore? She was used to Deive's presence in her life.

Would it be better if Deive didn't find out her real identity or he didn't accept the real her to start with? Maybe it won't hurt her that much if he left earlier after finding out her duplicity.

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