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   Chapter 63 Infamous

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"Hey! I haven't impregnated a woman yet, " Deive denied vehemently. "I may be a lot of things but I am an advocate of safe sex and I am for responsible parenting."

"So, are you telling me that you are practicing safe sex with my cousin…"

"Kuya Torque, you are crossing the line!" I growled at my older cousin.

"Can we talk about this peacefully?" asked Deive and looked at her with sad eyes. "You are upsetting Callea. I won't escape or leave."

"Talk peacefully?" Torque grinned. "I will only do that once I hanged you upside down at the acacia tree while confessing what unspeakable things you have in store for Callea."

"Señorito Torque, Don Tomasino has arrived, " declared Mang Lito who looked nervous to intrude to their conversation.

Then Callea noticed the apologetic look that the older man gave her. Torque lived longer at the mansion. He helped in managing the farm. Mang Lito served him longer and her cousin is where his loyalty lies. Perhaps her cousin didn't allow him to inform her that they were coming.

"Grandpa is here?" Callea questioned Lee.

"We are surprised as well, " he answered and shrugged his shoulder.

"It would be better if Lolo will explain everything, " Torque said in a hard voice then gave Deive a warning look. "And once I find out that you are taking advantage of Callea, you will wish that you had never known our family."

Torque pulled Deive by the arm. Deive didn't fight him off out of respect for her cousin. Good thing her grandfather has finally arrived. He

scuss Callea and Deive's wedding after lunch. I will explain everything. And this is not the right way to greet our guest, " her grandfather said in a gentle voice and looked at Don Jorje in apology.

"Good morning, Don Jorje, " Callea greeted. "Welcome to Villa Celesta"

"So, you are Callea?" asked Don Jorje.

She slightly nodded and lifted her head. "Yes, Sir."

She bit her lip when he didn't offer a smile and she could feel his penetrating glance. Then she remembered what she looked like. he was wearing a high priestess cult's black robe. Her lipstick was black so was her nail polish. Her hair was on a ponytail but her bangs were still hiding her eyes.

It was not exactly the image that she wanted Jorje Hontiveros to see. His arrival was a surprise so she was not able to prepare an appropriate appearance. It made her feel worse.

Don Jorje's lips pressed together then knocked his cane on the floor. The sound resonated and it made her more nervous.

"Tomasino, I think we should talk."

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