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   Chapter 62 Cousin Trouble

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Updated: 2019-11-19 22:04

"That was not my fault. You fell on the pool on your own and I didn't push you."

His face darkened. "You must be laughing at me then.

"Nope. You didn't look funny then but you look funny now." Then she burst out laughing.

She stopped laughing when he pulled himself out of the pool. "So, I was not able to get my revenge the first time I fell down the pool. Maybe I can get even now."

She was alarmed as he walked towards her with a dangerous gaze. He was a lion stalking a gazelle and was about to stake a claim. She must not be caught. He looked like a fool the first time they met and it was time for retribution

"Deive, don't you even dare…" she warned and willed to run away from him.

However, she found herself frozen and too nervous to move. While his steps were huge and he was faster than she expected. She tried to step away at least but she felt his arms around her. He pulled her to him and she shrieked when his wet body enveloped hers. She tried to fight him but he was stronger than her. It was not easy to fight him because his nearness to his almost naked body was making her weak. Or maybe her body had no self-preservation at all.

"Now let me see. What punishment fits you, dear?" he asked while his face was an inch from hers. Fear left her and excitement rushed t

he will hurt her. I object to the wedding. I won't give her away."

She groaned because she didn't know how to help Deive. He has a bad reputation when it comes to women. And her cousins are overprotective of her. After the tragedy she went through, they wanted to make sure that she won't get hurt again. There would be war if anyone would attempt to hurt her.

Callea stomped her foot to get their attention. "We are getting married. Didn't Lolo Tomasino tell you about it?"

It was her grandfather's plan. Her cousins must be aware of it because according to family tradition, Torque will inherit Villa Celesta.

"Lolo didn't tell us anything, " said Lee. "And even if our grandfather tells us about this, we won't agree because Deive Hontiveros will only string you along. He will just seduce you then leave him pregnant like what he did to other women."

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