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   Chapter 61 You Are Jealous

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Updated: 2019-11-18 22:03

CALLEA was ready for a new day. She would work on the new chapter of her graphic novel where she would introduce a high priestess of a cult as her character. That's why she was wearing a black silk gown with a hood. Her lips were black so is her nail polish. She was so digging this cult leader vibe.

She had to work in the morning because Deive would occupy her night. She would help out with the design suggestion for his pirate cruise ship. Each of his friends had their own concept and design in different parts of the hotel. Deive wanted it to be rustic and eerie and he said that she was an expert on it.

She was drinking her lemongrass iced tea from the lanai when she saw Deive leaning on the lounging chair while wearing a toweling robe. It looked like he was ready to take a dip at the pool. It was his favorite part of the house and he used it every day.  Perhaps one day she will also enjoy the sun. She was somewhat getting used to walking at the garden during the daytime. She was starting to get used of the sun again.

Mang Lito entered a house with a basketful of fruits. "Where are those from?"

"Counsellor Lira sent if for you and Sir Deive."

Callea crossed her arms over her chest. "Mang Lito, you know that I am not int

king a progress with Deive, Lindsye still wants to creep into their lives.

Callea must admit that she was a bit insecure with her. She was beautiful and confident. She was not shy to express herself. Running after men and wooing them was no problem for her even if the conservatives would raise an eyebrow. While Callea didn't know how to tell Deive that she liked him. He was within her reach but she couldn't tell him what's inside her heart. Even if she opens her heart to him, she couldn't fully show herself to him.

He gasped for breath when he emerged from the water. His flowers received the impact and some of the petals were scattered on the water. Some ended up on his hair and skin. There was one on his lips and annoyingly brushed it off. "You pushed me to the pool twice. The first one is on my first night here."

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