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   Chapter 60 External Beauty

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Counsellor Lira suddenly shut her mouth in shame. She wanted to clap but she feared she might be discovered.

The counselor's husband spoke up. "Why don't you discipline your son? You spoiled him too much. He always brings trouble. Maybe we should just let him go to jail so he will learn his lesson."

"Stop blaming me. He became rebellious because of your womanizing ways!" the counselor retorted. "This is all your fault. You are the one who ruined our family."

"Ma, Pa, stop it! Can you just fight at home? We are not in our own house, " Lindsye reprimanded her parents and maybe she wanted to bury head under the sand in shame. "Deive, how could my brother and his friends make it up to you? If it's about the money…"

"We don't need your money. I want those kids to apologize to Callea, Marina and Luna, " Deive cut her off.

There were murmurs of protest from the parents. While Callea smiled because Deive was on the right track. The best way to make sure that those kids would change is to make them realize that they committed a mistake.

"You mean, they will apologize even to the hunchback and the ugly cat?" asked Lindsye in a high-pitched tone.

"Of course. They were violated so a sincere apology is a must. I want a public apology here. And I want them to post it in social media as well and confess their sins so others may learn a lesson from them. If you have a problem with your pride that you can't let those kids apologize properly, I will bring this to the media. I have powerful connections. They hurt my fiancee and her f

t like a woman who has no respect whatsoever in a relationship. The way she ignored you at the church then took me away from you pissed me off." Then he pecked a kiss on her lips. "Even if you turn into a vampire by your BFF bats and suck all my blood, I will choose you. Maybe you used a gayuma on me." (Gayuma is a love potion in Filipino)

"I didn't use a love potion on you. You don't have to sugarcoat it, Deive." Maybe he is just choosing her because they have a deal.

"I am just being true here. Did you remember how I nearly choke Sidney because he said he wants you to cosplay on a vampire character because he has a crush on you?"

"You sound jealous."

"I am. So, stop thinking that I would choose a superficial girl over you. So, do you want to eat breakfast here?"

"How about at the verandah?" she suggested.

"Okay, boss, " he said then saluted.

She smiled as he promised to return to fetch her once the table is set. She felt his sincerity when he had chosen her. She'd treasure that moment in her heart.

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