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   Chapter 59 Don't test my patience

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Updated: 2019-11-19 21:44

CALLEA woke up to the shouting voices reverberate inside the house. She slept well the other night after she took her medicine. She thought she was dreaming at first because she was not used to noise at Villa Celesta. They seldom had visitors at the mansion and they don't definitely shout like there was a protest rally.

With a throbbing head, she went outside her room to check on the commotion. From the door of the slits of the second floors' railings, she could see around twenty-five people convening at the living room. "What is your right to blotter our kids? Don't you know me? I am a town counselor here. I have a brother who is a general in Camp Crame. I can have you arrested. Our kids are still minors. They are still our baby."

Callea rolled her eyes. It was Counsellor Lira Marcelo who was leading the protest. She visited the mansion once when her grandfather visited her because she wanted to buy their land to turn it into a subdivision but her grandfather refused. She was also Lindsye's mother. Such a shame. They were a family of no good-doer. They were bullies and they thought they were above the law. She also saw Lindsye behind her mother. The family of the other bullies might have joined them.

"Counselor Lira, your children were caught doing violations, " said the barangay captain. "We have witnesses. There was ten of them but they hurt two women and a cat who couldn't fight back. They

heir rights. And your brother and his friends violated it."

Counsellor Lira hit the coffee table with her open palm. "You are diverting the issue, Mr. Hontiveros. How could you defend those ugly creatures while the bright future of our sons are in ruins. We will be sending Winston to the US. And I will run for the next election as mayor. You are ruining our reputation."

"Ma'am, if your son has a basic education, it won't come to this. You should teach your children some manner and compassion before you put the blame on me, " Deive said with a tremor in his voice while his fist curled. "You are a government official. You should be apologizing to the victims instead of intimidating us. And don't use that guilt trip on me. You are ruining your reputation because of your family's action. You should be thankful that this hasn't reached social media yet. If you will keep on intimidating me, I could ruin you so don't test my patience."

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