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   Chapter 58 I will teach them a lesson

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The doctor has a mile-long of orders for Callea. She couldn't understand it well either because her head was still throbbing. She had a gash at the back of her head because it was hit by the rock and the doctor had to stitch it. She and Marina were rushed to Nagcarlan District Hospital to be treated. Marina had a few wounds, bruises, and scrapes but nothing critical. Luna was treated as well and she was relieved because she had no broken bones despite the stupid stunt that the bully kids pulled on her.

She was cooped inside her room and Deive didn't want her to move much. It was just an hour since she got home and she was bored as hell. She got up to pick up the photo of her best friend that was placed on top of the best drawer when the door opened. Deive went in with a tray of food. His face darkened when he saw her attempt to get out of the bed.

"The doctor told you to stay put and don't move much, " he reminded her.

"I will just get something, " she said then pointed at the picture frame.

Deive put the tray on the bedside table and picked up her photo with her closest friend. "If you need anything, just ask me to do it for you. I will handle it. Is your head still in pain?" he asked then gave her the frame.

"A bit." He didn't need to know that she was still a bit dizzy. She didn't want him to worry anymore. "How's Luna and Marina?"

"Your cat is fine. She has nine lives. I would bring her back to a veterinarian tomorrow if you want to be sure. Marina's bruise and wounds are healing nicely. Your injuries are worse but you are still thinking about them?"

"I want to see them." She wanted to make sure that they were okay. She must see them with her own two eyes. She wanted to know that they didn't have the same fate as her best friend.

"You will see them tomorrow. For now, you eat and rest. The three of you need it. I helped Manang Soling prepare dinner."

It was spiced pumpkin soup with rye bread, steamed vegetable with grilled fish steak, and aloe vera juice. She ate in silence while Deive assisted her. "Thank you for taking care of me. I am sorry for the bother."


lt like her heart would burst. He was worried about her and there was another emotion she was not familiar with but her heart knew.

He hugged her tightly. "Don't confront those bullies on your own next time, okay? I want to be there with you if you want to fight. If you want to protect your friends, make sure that I will be there to protect you first. I don't want you to get hurt."

She hugged him back and closed her eyes. Someone to protect her. Someone who will put her first. She never thought that Deive would be that guy when a few days ago, she thought that he would leave her. "Deive, I am not afraid to get hurt. I know you are always here to make me feel better and keep me company in the dark. That's more than enough for me, Deive."

He pulled his body away from hers and gave her a sharp look. "You mean it is okay for you to get hurt? No, it is not okay. I nearly had a heart when I saw the blood in your hand. If not for the peacekeepers, I want to bash the faces of those who hurt you."

"Well, what happened to them?" she asked curiously.

"I will teach them a lesson they won't forget." He brushed her bangs off her forehead and planted a kiss on it. "And I will also teach you a lesson one of these days. You get well soon first."

Lesson? What lesson? She didn't ask anymore because he was looking at her like he wanted to kiss her and more. She would gladly wait for that lesson.

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