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   Chapter 57 I am used to being hurt

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Callea was suddenly afraid. It was a nightmare looming. The counselor's son was notorious for being boisterous and creating ruckus in town. Now he got his sights on Marina.

"Come. Let's go to them."

"Señorita, I will call for my father first. It is not a good idea to go there with just the two of us. There's around ten of them. We have to tell this to the authorities."

Callea shook her head. She couldn't waste time. "No. I will go to Marina now."

The young man was not able to stop her. She ran to the direction of the field. She had a bad feeling about this. Her mind drifted back to the time when people were repulsed by Marina and they shunned her.

From afar, she saw the acacia tree beside the nipa hut in the middle of the field. She could hear the sinister laugh of the group of young men. Her fear was ten-folds now.

"Go! Climb that tree if you want to get your cat who is a fugly as you, " taunted by the tallest teen in the group and he was seconded by the chorus of his friends.

As she walked near them, she could make out Marina who was trying to climb the tree in her hunchback state. She couldn't make progress because of her deformity. While Luna was meowling in distress. It was tied at the upper trunk of the tree and it was begging to be released.

The teenage boys were around fifteen to sixteen years old. But they were tall and they had more meat in their bodies. They were wearing a uniform of a private school in town. They laughed once more when Marina fell on the ground and had a hard time getting up.

"This woman is worthless, Wilson. Whatever she does, she can't climb the tree. Boring!" said the one with long hair.

"Then let's make it exciting, " said the one with the bald head then picked up a rock and threw it to Marina. The rest of the followed and threw s

she heard Deive call out her name. He was back. He crouched in front of her and touched her face. "What happened? Are you okay?"

"L-Look out for Marina and Luna, " she said then looked up to the tree. Luna was still tied up there. She wanted to make sure that her friends are safe first. The tanods who came to the rescue climbed the tree. Deive assisted her so she could stand up. The rest of the rescuers helped Marina and checked her for injuries.

"Please bring her to the clinic or hospital to make sure she's okay, " Callea pleaded. "And Luna… make sure she's okay." She didn't know what else they suffered from the hands of those nasty kids.

"How about you?" asked Deive.

She felt the pain and was starting to feel woozy. She touched the back of her head. She felt something hot and wet. When she looked at her palm, there was blood it in. Then she felt it trickling on her nape. Everything was starting to turn dark and she tumbled when Deive caught her body. He held her wrist when she noticed the blood.

"Callea, you are wounded."

"I…I want to sleep."

"Don't close your eyes, Callea. Don't, " Deive said in anguish. "Who did this to you? I will make sure that they will pay for it."

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