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   Chapter 56 Where is Luna

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"GRANDPA, when will you visit me?" Callea asked in a sweet voice when he called. The sun was setting and she could watch it from her room. She was waiting by the window the whole day. She just watched the sun rise and set. Deive was gone the whole day because he had a meeting with some of his friends. She didn't want to be alone in the dark. She was waiting for his return.

She was wearing the dress with tulip print that he brought for her. Her hair was also off her face and her face was in a ponytail. Not a hair on her face just the way so her face was clear and bright, just the way Deive wanted it. She just wanted to give it a try since she was just inside the house.

"Are you planning the wedding with Deive, so that Jorje and I can discuss it. Where is the venue for the wedding?"

"We are not in a hurry."

"I thought you want to get Villa Celesta?"

"Marriage is a lifetime commitment, Lolo. I don't want to think that I am just marrying him for the mansion. Marriage should be built on trust and we must get along. We are working on that."

"Maybe you are in love with him."

Callea went still. She never thought about that before. She's in love with Deive? That was a silly idea but she couldn't laugh about it. "Lolo, just come here when you are available. I want you to m

abandoned house with other stray cats. Señorito Deive will be here soon. The food will be cooked soon. Please keep an eye on it." Then she pointed at the pans and pots on the stove.

The rice would be cooked soon. Almost an hour has passed but Marina hasn't returned yet. She started to feel nervous. The abandoned house was just a few minutes from the house. Where would Luna and Marina go? Why isn't she back?

She walked towards the gate to check on those two personally. She was not far from Villa Celesta when the nephew of Mang Lito ran towards her.

"Ma'am Callea, your hunchback housemate…" He pressed his palms on his knees while catching his breath.

"Where is Marina? What happened to her?"

"She's at my father's field. She wanted to rescue your cat but she was caught by the counselor's son and his friends. I am afraid they might hurt her."

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